Monday, August 17, 2009

Teacher Gifts Wieners...Winners!

Thank you so much for visiting my blog & for taking the time to leave comments during Teacher Gifts week (& everyday really). I really enjoyed reading them all. Now with no further ado...

Hello Kitty apologizes, but she couldn't be here to make the announcement herself. However she does send her assistant in her place.

The Teacher's Gifts winner is...


Hello Kitty pointed out that Friday's Post was my 100th post! So I should choose everyone. (She's all about the luv!) If you left a comment on Friday's post (the last day of teacher gifts) & would like one of them, shoot me an email with your fav & I'll do my best to get it out to you. A few have homes already, but we can work somethin' out!

Now, for the dog lovers. Don't feel left out. Here's one for you:

Before you ask- No, these are not my pets! But wouldn't Fluffmeister look so cute in one of these!

Thanks for peekin' today! I'm off to get started on my classroom---Gotta go!

PS: There are 2 posts today, so please scroll down for the next one :)


  1. That cat might be just the cutest thing i've ever seen!
    Good luck on starting a new year!!
    I started back to work today also, I teach 2nd grade.

  2. Really gotta think about what great teacher's gift ideas these are. I've got a wife who teaches and am always looking for something clever to pick-up.

    Teacher Appreciation Ideas


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