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Teacher Gift: K.I.S.S!

I'm late! I'm late! For a very important date--- with you :) I was trying to post this EARLIER today, but life had plans with my plans- know what I mean?

Hi friends,
Here we are at the final day of Teacher Gifts & of my summer vacation (insert tears here). ;) Today I have several projects that I personally use in my class (& at home). I call today's Teacher Gifts:

don't get nervous. It's not the slobbery luv nibbles kind, but rather it stands for Keep It Safe & Secure. All of the projects I will be sharing with you are for "your eyes only" or to keep your stuff safe. Why don't we get started with the deets:

First up is my "Chat Book".

I used the larger composition book (the small one will be next).

I covered the cover with these sheets of CS & Pattern paper.
so it looked like this:

I also covered the inside front & back covers with CS. I later added a pocket on each one.

(This step is TOTALLY OPTIONAL): I added a sheet of colored copy paper to act as a divider sheet. I adhered this "Important Info" sheet to it. On this sheet I note specific important info I need to know about my student at quick reference.

I divided the pages in this book into 20 equal sections (1 for each of my students) with little strips of Post it notes so I know where to place the tabs later. You can add more or fewer tabs as need be. MS/HS teachers, you can divide this by periods.

Then I add tabs (punched with SU! Tab punch) with TEMPORARY adhesive so I can move them around until I get them exactly where I want them.

Continue until you have all the tabs in place. Then add PERMANENT adhesive to each tab.

To finish the cover: Die Cut 9 apples & ink the edges.
I took the apples & arranged them on the cover. I added the alpha thickers to spell "teacher 09-10" (you can personalize it by adding the teacher's name). To complete, I tied a ribbon around the PP before adhering the whole thing to the composition book.
IF you're a teacher, you may want to read this:

TEACHER INFO: (everyone else can skip this if you'd like). I have a very specific purpose for this book. I use it to jot down notes on anything of note that happens with my students or parents. If I get a call from a parent I jot down the gist of the conversation & anything that came about from it. For example: "9/26/09- Johnny's mom wanted a copy Ch. 3 math test. Sent copy home." Just simple, like that. It has been an invaluable resource for me when I've had meetings with parents & administrators. There's nothing more powerful than being able to cite details about an event with specific dates & notes. Trust me on this one! So when Johnny's mom goes to complain, at report card time, that she didn't know Johnny was doing bad in math you can say "I have in my notes that on 9/26/09 you asked for a copy of Johnny's Chapter 3 Math test. I sent a copy to you that day. So you were aware since Sept. of his progress." It also came in very handy one year I was called into court by a judge to provide information about a student. I brought my notebook & let me tell you, the judge was very impressed and sang my praises all the way to my principal! This may seem extreme until you have to use it! The large majority of parents are grrrreat, but sometimes you get that one. You know the one. So this is a way to let 'em know you're a teacher who dots your "i's" & crosses your "t's" !!!


***This book doesn't have to be heavy duty like this. You can use it for other ways to organize your students &/or info. There are loads of different ways to use this book.

Download Important Info Pages

Here's Version #2 of this notebook: A Teacher Plan Book:

It's arranged in the same way as the other book. I punched out 4 little apples & added bitty alphas to spell "book." This one can be used to write down notes from staff meetings, team meetings, keep track of arrangements made for school events (i.e. field trip info, fundraisers). It's kinda like a calendar/ journal/notebook. This is nice because everything for the whole year is organized in one place.

I divided the pages in this book into 10 equal sections (1 for each month of the school year).

I got these free calendars online & sized them to fit the notebook page. I adhered it to the page & added the tab. I did the same thing for all the other months.
I would NOT decorate both of these books in the exact same way. (I was trying to use up my papers.) I would decorate them differently so they're easy to distinguish.

Download Calendar Pages

Moving on to the Password Keeper
This little notebook was made with the smaller composition book. I write down all the millions of usernames & passwords I have to use on a daily basis. My poor brain can't handle that so I keep things written in here. I decorated it in a similar way as the larger notebooks. I added the lock & key to embellish & to remember this needs to be kept in a secure place. Super handy-dandy!

Next is a pair of clips to secur
e "Graded" & "Ungraded" papers. You can also make some for "To be filed", "ASAP", "To Do"--- anything you'd like. I like these clips because they're very strong metal clips & they're magnetic, so I can stick them to my filing cabinet. I got these at an Office supply store. You can also use clothespins & attach the apples to them with a glue gun.

Next up is a Magnetic Bookmark:
Very simple. It's just a strip of CS, folded in half. It opens up & there's magnetic strips to secure it to the book pages.

Here's the little matching card:
Simple little 3x3" card. Again I used the same elements (and scraps) to create this little card. The apple is a button. Just remove the shank with a button shank remover, stick a pop-dot or dimensional on the back & pop it on your card. Easy-peasy!

Here's how you can Gift it:
Yes, I cheated!!! I used a box like yesterday's! But hey, at under $2, I couldn't pass it up!

Are you still there? Whoa, this was a looooong post! Thanks for hanging in there with me!!! There you have it. I didn't include any Post-It Note holders or List Pads --- Not that there's anything wrong with these 'cause I've made loads of them & luv them, --- but I wanted to share some ideas that were a little different & unique.

Thanks for peeking at all my teacher gifts this week I hope you found at least one project to tickle your fancy :) if not for a teacher, then maybe for you or a friend. Would you be so kind as to leave me a comment & tell me which project(s) you liked the most & maybe I'll send it your way! ;) If you're a follower of my blog, you'll be entered twice :) A couple of these already have a home, but if that's the one you choose, I'll send the materials needed to complete the project scored & ready for quick assembly, OK? I'll have Hello Kitty choose one on Sunday night at 9 p.m. PST & I'll post the weiner (oops! I mean winner!) on Monday.

Thanks again for peekin'! I'm off for a little cat nap (here I come boyfriend Johnny)--- Gotta Go!


  1. I love all of your projects, but the one i had my self saying Oh, I need that is the little notebook to keep passwords in. Too many passwords for a teacher to remember!

  2. I loved them all, but, I gotta say that I love the composition book idea the best....You never know when information like that would be handy, been there, done that!

  3. Love today's comp books and the lanyard. The pointer is cute, too. Actually everything is adorable, but those are my favorites. I hope you have a great school year! I bet the parents love you and your creativity.

  4. I have a tie for my favorite. I love the pointer stick and I really love the little "graded / ungraded" clips! They're all GREAT ideas that I've bookmarked and will come back to again and again.
    Thanks for sharing these wonderful ideas!

  5. Check your blog through Google Reader but not much for leaving comments, but I do love all your creations! I just added you as a follower.
    All your teacher's works are great! You are so clever! My favorite the teacher's boo boo box!
    Thanks for all you inspiration and for sharing your talent with everyone!!

  6. I have really enjoyed your projects this past week. Picking a favorite is always so hard. I would have to say though the boo boo box would be my pick. I like it because it is adorable and practical! Thanks for the chance to win this great hand-made gift. I am an E-mail subscriber to your blog.

  7. Karli - I love all your creations, but my favourite is the table trio - I can think of so many different ways to alter it to fit many different lines of work. I work at a university, I can see making these for my staff for Christmas this year. Thanks so much for all the inspiration - I have your blog bookmarked and it's the first one I look at in the morning! Elizabeth Felet (

  8. I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


  9. WOW: I'm loving all your Teacher creations/gifts to make. Thanks for sharing these, you've given me lots of inspiration!

    Many thanks.

    Alex from England x


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