Sunday, May 24, 2009


Fluffy! He goes by many names actually- Sir Fluff, Fluff n' stuff, Count Fluffula, Fluffles, Fluffster, Fluffmeister, and Fluff Monkey. He is our Guinea Pig. Isn't he just adorable! I never had a guinea Pig before him & didn't know how awesome they are! He is very smart! He jumps up in the air when he's happy. It's so funny because he's super fat so he doesn't get off the ground as far as he used to. He's so lovable. Can you tell I'm in love? We've had him for a little over two years now.

Before you run out & get one for your kiddo, you must know that guinea pigs require a lot of work! They eat a lot, their cage needs frequent cleaning, and they need lots of attention. But for us, he's worth it. He's not our only pet. You'll meet our other pet later on! Studies show that generally, people who have pets live longer, healthier lives! So today, spend a little extra time with your furry companion. I'm off to let him run around on the grass, & eat the dandelions- he luuuvs them :) Gotta go!

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