Saturday, August 10, 2013

A peek inside... & some treats!

Hi friends,
So, the new school year is underway for me. The first week went well & I'm very excited about the new school year. 
Today, I'd thought I'd give you a peek inside my classroom & how I set up for the beginning of the year.

As you walk in, this is what you see towards the right. My seating arrangement is in rows that face one side of the room towards the other. This way, it allows for space in the middle of the room so I can get to the back of the room quickly & easily. It also makes it easy for students to work with a partner or form groups. I cut out the "Bienvevidos" (Welcome) letters with my Cricut.

This shot gives you a peek at the far left side of the room. At the far left is my desk area. I have two long banners of papel picado that hang across the room.

This is a shot of the far right side of the room. 

This is a shot from the back of the room looking towards the front. The little table in the middle is where I have my projector & laptop. 
 You may see the influence of my elementary teaching days in my classroom. Most HS classrooms are pretty plain, but I like my class to look colorful, inviting & fun!

And here's my desk. I had to take a pic of this because it won't look this for long! *Ü*
 Did you notice some of the boxes I created in the past for Teacher Gifts? I still have mine & use them everyday! And if you make one for your fave teacher she'll be enjoying them for a long time to come, just as I have *Ü* Check out the "Teacher Appreciation" label on the sidebar of my blog for tutorials & ideas.

Speaking of teacher gifts...
Here are the gifts I made for the teachers in my department.
I found these cute little buckets that had a chalkboard label on them in the dollar bin at Target. I wrote their names on it with a Sharpie paint pen. I added stitch marks around it then added a little apple sticker & ribbon strips to the handles. Cute & so simple *Ü*

Then I filled them with some treats.

Here's a closer peek at it.

The first day of school is such a busy day, we may not even have a chance to eat lunch until after school. So having a few treats to munch on during the day, helps hold us over until we can sit down to eat!

Thanks so much for peeking!
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