Monday, August 17, 2009

My Little Boy's First Book

Hi friends,
I wanted to share this super cute acrylic & chipboard album my little one made. Ok, he's not that little -- he's 9, (but he'll always be my little one :) My LSS (Local Scrapbooking Store) has a "Teen Scene" night where kids ages 9-15 create a project & have dinner (with dessert!) This is how I got him to go :) Anyhoo, this was the scrapbook they created. (This book was designed by Diana, the co-owner.)

All the edges are inked. He inked like a pro, let me tell you! He cut out the little shell from pattern paper, added Stickles to it, & popped it up with foam tape.

The page on the right is a pocket with a pull-out tag.
The tag flips to both sides of the page.Isn't it cool! I was so impressed with all of the kids! All the cardstock was pre-cut & set up in order to be used, but the kids put it all together themselves. I was tickled to watch those kids distressing, inking, and layering--- oh my! It was amazing to watch because this was NOT a kiddy project at all! The only thing done for them was binding the book. My son was so happy with his book & so now all we need to do is add some beach pics to complete it. What a great way to share "what you did this summer" when he starts school in September. The Teen Scene class is once a month so now he's looking forward to the next one, especially since they serve dinner AND dessert! YUM! (Like mother like son!) It was so great watching him create his little book. Though I struggled like crazy keeping my hands OFF his project! NOT an easy thing to do by the way! I'm a total maniac -control freak -stage mother. But admitting it is the first step, right?)

Thanks for peeking at his project today. I know he would be thrilled to hear what you think of his first attempt at creating a scrapbook! I'm off to look for the top of my scrapbook table. I know it's there somewhere.--- gotta go!

PS: Hello Kitty will be back a little later for her big reveal :)


  1. oh, this book is amazing!
    I love how your son had to use the inks. Wonderful color and images! And I love all the details as the pocket with a pull-out tag, the tag flips and the cover. Perfect!

  2. This is incredible! You must be so proud of your son...this is really great! Everything about this is so well done, and I love the colors!

  3. Great project, my son is artistic, too. It's so much fun to craft with them. Looks like he has your talent.

  4. WOW...he did an amazing job! Way to go...thats a cool class they offer.
    High Five Young man!!

  5. that is so awesome!


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