Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bunny Basket/Bag

Hi friends,
I wanted to share a simple little project my school kiddos make for Easter that is so super easy to make.
Here are the deets:

What you'll need:
*white lunch bag (or whatever color you want your bunny to be)
*cotton ball for the tail

Take your lunch bag

and follow this pattern to create the bunny ears & head. (We just eyeball it)

Cut it out while holding both sides of bag together.

Decorate your bunny however you'd like. This is where the kiddos can get creative & artistic. Hopefully better than my possessed bunny :( Maybe he's just entranced by my beauty ;)

You can cut a circle in half to make the front paws:
Oh ratatouille! I forgot, we add a bow like between his teeth and his paws. It looks cute so be sure to add it on yours :(

Then flip it to the back & add a drop of glue
And add your cotton ball on top for his fluffy tail

Now open your bag. The front flaps make up your bunny ears and the back flaps will become the handle to the bag/basket.
Add glue to the end of one of the back flaps
and stick the other back flap on it to create the handle.
(See the front ears & the back handle?)

That's all folks! Your bunny is ready to be filled with egg-y goodness :)
See??? Easy-peasy lemon squeezy.
Thanks for peeking! I'll be back... with a teacher Easter gift to share.
Gotta Go!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Fluffy's Book

Hello again friends,
Well, it's been a long time since my last post right? But last week was crazy busy for me. Now I think I have a little breathing room again :)
Today, I wanted to share the book I've been working on for my beloved guinea pig, Fluffy, who died right before Christmas. Remember??? Click ---> Here, to go back in time.

Anyhoo, here's his mini-album:
It's made up of different shaped pages loaded with layers, embellies, & patterned papers.

FYI: Fluffer's book contains pics of him with my son, but I blurred his pic. Why??? Well, my brother works in Information Technology, and has shared some frightening things about crazies out there and pics people post of their children. Without going into details, since then, I decided not to post any current pics of my boys. (I'm a little more OK about baby pics, because they don't look like that anymore :( but I HATE, HATE, HATE that I can't share their pics with you because my boys are absolutely adorable! I mean look at my pic, right! --Wink ;) So I'm apologizing ahead of time, but I hope you understand my boys' safety comes first.
OK, let's get on with the book...

Here's the cover:
The first page:

2nd Page:

Back Page:

3rd Page:
Back Page:

4th Page:

Back Page:
5th Page:

Back Page (with an acetate cover on it):

Here is the complete book again:
Making mini-albums are my most favorite way to scrapbook because there's a clear theme and a beginning & end. I can complete a mini-album, but a regular 12x12 album... well... not so much! If you're intimidated or overwhelmed by scrapbooking 12x12 pages, start with a mini-album. You will love making them & being able to easily share them with others, and displaying them as part of your home decor.

I used a Paisleys & Polka Dots kit for his Mini-Album because I loved the shaped pages & the paper collection used. I changed several elements & added embellies to customize it to what I wanted to create. But, I thought it was just perfect for our sweet Fluff.

Thanks so much for peekin' today! I promise I'll have some Easter projects coming :)
Gotta Go!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Universal Frame Souvenirs

Hi friends,
Last weekend, we took Jordan & 4 of his friends to Universal Studios for his birthday. We had a great time on all the rides, eating yummy treats, and laughing at how I come out in every picture they take while on the rides. You know the ones they sadistically take of you as you're falling to what feels like your death!!! Yeah, I always look like a mutant with 4 chins. Uggggh :(
Well, these are the thank you/souvenirs we made for the kids who went:
I took a picture of each child with Jordan at the park & added it to the frame. I bought some $1 wood frames from Mike's, painted them, then added a couple of coats of Tripple Thick Gloss Glaze. I die cut a film strip (Sizzix), punched out some stars, and added the sentiment. Easy peasy :) I created the sentiment on Word.
Here's a closer peek at the embellishments:

Thanks for peeking today! I've got a super busy week coming up, soooooo
Gotta Go!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Cinema Saturday Challenge- Dear Frankie

Hello again friends,
I'm back with a card for this week's Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge:

I had not heard of this movie before, but the trailer for this movie won me over. If you haven't seen this movie, please take a minute to watch the trailer:

I found the movie, rented it, & watched it with my neighbor. We both really liked this movie!!! I could relate to the mom, Lizzie, in ways I can't get into, but it's such a goooooood movie. Really, it's touching, moving, & oh so well done. In the beginning, I had to really listen closely because of the accent, but after a while my ears adjusted :) I do have some questions though, but that's for another time. (Don't want to spoil anything :)

Anyhoo, here's my card:
If you've seen the movie, you know where my inspiration came from. Frankie collected the stamps his "dad" sent him in a book & he kept track of all the ports his dad had been on a map he kept on the wall. So I recreated his book. I printed some stamps, cut them out & adhered them to his book. I added a little map of Scotland (which is also the background paper under the book.) The book itself has 3 layers that are popped up with foam tape in between.

Thanks for peeking & your homework this weekend is to treat yourself to Dear Frankie :)

For Mamá

Hi there friends,
My friend asked me to create a 12x12 scrapbook layout for her mom. So here's what I made for her with the help of my trusty Cricut:
It's a simple layout because I didn't want to hide the beautiful detailed background cut-out. For this layout, I used the Mother's Day Cricut Cart (a Limited Edition Solutions cart).  It has absolutely beautifully intricate images. I cut the floral background on "fit to page" using the gorgeous glittered Mimosa Papers by SEI. I LOVE SEI. They know how to design beautiful papers that make it easy to create beautiful things.
I used 3 patterned papers from the Mimosa pack, but they all flow together nicely. I cut "Mamá" at 4" and inked around the edges. I also used the Pebbles Inc. Shimmer chalks on the leaves to give it a hint of shimmer.

I cut the flower 3 times at 2" and did the pom pom flower technique---> HERE.
Here's a closer peek:
Thanks so much for peeking today. I hope you (and my friend) like this layout :) You can find the Mimosa Papers (as well as other gorgeous SEI paper packs) on sale at YMH store.
Gotta Go!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Universal Invitations

Hi friends,
Today I wanted to share the invitations I made for my little one's birthday party at Universal Studios. To keep them quick & easy, I used the Sizzix Gift Card Die for the card base. (I luuuuuuv this die!) I know I've said that a million times, but I really do :)
Here it is:
I printed the logo & adhered it to the belly band with dimensionals.
Here it is with the belly band off:
 I embossed the paper with the Cuttlebug Birthday Embossing folder.

Here's the back:

The inside:
I printed the info & adhered it to the panel. I used the gift card pocket to place a letter to the child's parent explaining our plans for the day.

Thanks so much for peeking today! Happy St. Patty's Day! Hope the luck of the Irish is with ya :)

Monday, March 15, 2010

St. Patrick's Day Pot o' Gold

Hi there friends,
Today I have a "For the Teacher" project many of you like to see. This is something I created for my son's teacher for St. Patty's day.
Here it is:

It is VERY simple to do. I used a 3" clay pot you can find at any craft store. Paint it with black acrylic paint & let it dry.

Then add the Ferrero Rocher chocolates & embellish as you wish. I just wrapped ribbon around it & adhered a shamrock on it. Super simple, right? But way cute.

Here's another version if you want to make more economically:
You can use a black party cup instead of a clay pot & fill it with Ferrero Rocher Chocolates. Tip: I stuff the bottom of the cup with cellophane paper so that there's actually only a few chocolates on the top. (I know, i'm evil ;) Embellish as you'd like. Mine is very basic because this was just to show you. The shamrock border is actually the MS hydrangea border punch. Don't they look like little 4 leaf clovers???

Another version:
Fill with chocolate gold coins. Unfortunately, these aren't chocolate coins :( (my wonderful- not!) children ate the ones I bought (grrrrr!)

Thanks for peeking today! Hope you're ready for St. Patty's Day :)
Gotta Go!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

If it's Free...It's For Me!

Hi there dear friends,
I wanted to share a couple of things for those of you who are teachers or know ones who are in California.
The first offer:
Universal Studios Hollywood is having a Teacher Appreciation all month long. Any certificated teacher can visit for FREE and friends & family get 50% off (up to 3 people)
You can find all the deets ---> HERE.
The second deal:
The Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach is also offering FREE admission to teachers all month long too!
You can find all the deets --->HERE.

We'll be visiting Universal Studios Hollywood later this month for my little one's birthday. If you know anyone who could use this info be sure to let them know. In this economy, it's great to get a freebie and a good deal :) 'cause like I always say: "If it's FREE...it's for me!"
Gotta Go!

Easter Train by Jordan

Hello friends,
Today I have a couple of projects my little one made last week at the Teen Scene class. You might remember that our LSS offers a monthly craft class for kids ages 9-15 called "The Teen Scene" where they make a project & enjoy dinner too. Here's what they made:
It's a bunny easter bag and little easter train. Cute :)

Here's a closer peek at the bag:
They covered the lunch bag with patterned paper & added the die cut bunny they embellished & a strip of grass.

Here's the train:
They assembled the boxes, adhered the patterned paper to them, & then glued the chipboard circles to them for the wheels. They cut the eggs in a zig-zag & added the embellies (flowers cut from pattern paper, die cut bunny, & carrots). Then they punched a hole through each train car & tied ribbon to connect it to the next one. Annnnd for dinner they had pizza & chicken :)

Thanks for peeking today! This is the first weekend I have a little time to myself since conferences are over for the year (yaaay!). Hopefully I'll have a little time to craft in between my sons' basketball games & doctor appointments. Hope you're all well & enjoy a great weekend!
Gotta Go!
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