Sunday, July 5, 2009

Cake Box Tutorial

Hi friends,
I had a few questions about creating the box for the cake, so I thought I'd create a tutorial for you.

Here's what you'll need:
one 12x12 sheet of cardstock (base)
one 8 1/8" x 8 1/8" sheet of cardstock or nice weight patterned paper (lid) ---> I used an 8 1/2" x 11" & cut it down to size

BOX BASE: First, take your 12x12" sheet & score at 4" on all four sides so it looks like this: (I traced over it in pen so you can see it better, you would just score it)

Next, you cut out each of the corners so it looks like this:

Then, you decorate the base of your box as you'd like (I added the doily under the cake.) Fold all 4 sides up on the score lines.

BOX LID: Take your 8 1/8" x 8 1/8" cardstock and score all four sides at 2".

Then you cut on the 4 score lines as shown in dark (bold) top & bottomTo create a more finished looking box, I snip a little of the ends at a slant (see bottom right corner of the picture.) All the other 3 tabs have already been trimmed.
NOTE: This is where you can take your decorative scissors or border punches to create a detailed border around the lid of your box.

To complete the lid, add strong adhesive (like scor-tape or sticky strip) to the 2 tabs & adhere to the middle tab. Do that to both sides.

Here's the completed lid:

And the completed box!
Once you've made one, you'll be cranking these out in no time! I hope this tutorial helps you see how easy it is to make this box (or any box- since it's the basic formula.)
I'm working on the tutorial for the little rosebuds- so that's on its way.

Thanks for peeking in today! I'm off to take my hubby out for his birthday- Gotta go!


  1. Your box is just beautiful. I love the gold touches.


  2. ok I love this box, and I would love to know how to make the cake that goes inside it, my girlfriends Birthday is in a couple of days and would love the directions. Thanks


  3. You are so thoughtful to include a template, and free of charge. I really do appreciate all of the time and effort that I'm sure you put into it. Thanks so much!!

  4. I've been looking for a tutorial of cake box making, and I'm really happy to see your site!! Thanks a lot for your help!!

  5. This was really helpful for me! I actually used it to make a full sized box for an 8 inch round cake I baked for a friend. I used a piece of poster board and reinforced the bottom with a piece of sturdy cardboard. THANK YOU! So much for this tute!

  6. I got here via other craftblogs. I love it!! Thanks for the tutorial, really wonderful.

  7. I've made a box and just posted it on my blog:
    You are welcome to visit me!
    Hugs Yolanda

  8. i love the box but i want to know how to make that cake plz plz tell me..

  9. Wow, that box looks really pretty

  10. I really love the box. Thanks a lot

  11. Very nice idea , really simple and quick .. thanks for sharing :)

  12. Wow these Cake Boxes are just amazing,
    great work keep it up

  13. Is cardstock same as cardboard?

    1. No they are very different. Cardstock is a solid layer of paper. It doesn't have the wavy layer in the middle that gives cardboard strength and keeps it lightweight. Think of cardboard as the material of a box.

  14. I love the box, thanks for the tutorial.


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