Thursday, October 22, 2009

Coffin Box: Take 2

Hi friends,
I'm baaaaaack! I've got version 2 of the coffin box to share with ya today.
So here it is:

This is another 1 sheet of cardstock only box---> very easy to make. It opens by lifting the lid from one side. For this box, I added an embossed top layer, distressed it with white chalk ink to give it that dingy spiderweb look. I made the drag line with stickles & added a red hourglass shape to my spider with red stickles. The "chain" wrapped around the coffin is actually Christmas ribbon. I saw it at Uncle Mike's when I was making my rounds last week & thought it looked like chain. Perfect for Halloween :) It easily slides off the box. So what's on the inside? Let's take a peek:A giant, edible Rosie! (Remember my tarantula Rosie?) There were a bunch of worms in the coffin too, but those mysteriously disappeared...I have no idea where... I've looked all over, but...OK!!!!! I confess.... I ate them!!! I'll go get some more, no worries :)

The template for this coffin comes from the screamingly awesome Jan Tink. Be sure to visit her blog for more inspirations and to download her template.

Thanks so much for peeking at coffin v2 today :) I'll return soon with the final coffin box- version 3---> Gotta Go!


  1. Love the embossing on this one, it looks awesome! Can't wait to see #3 now. Sorry no bad puns for this comment :)


  2. And I thought Rosie ate the worms!

    Love the coffin. I have to look for that ribbon today!


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