Thursday, October 29, 2009

House For Sale- Hocus Pocus Cinema Saturday

Hi friends,
Are you looking to buy a new home? Look
ing for a bit of a fixer-upper with wonderful amenities like a large lot, no nosy neighbors nearby to pester you, and at a bare bones price? Well, I've got the home of your dreams to show you today!

Feast your eyes on this masterpiece of boards & beams:

Allow me to give you a tour of the highlights of this bootiful home...

Here you can see the expansive lot your
new home sits on. There are acres & acres of earth just waiting to be dug up- a gardener's paradise. It just needs a little TLC & some watering. In no time, your garden paradise will be ready for Home & Gardens Magazine.
Tired of the nosy neighbors? Here, you can see, you've got no one for miles. Ahhh, think of the peace & tranquility. Why you can scream your head off if you want & no one will even notice :)

Here's a look at the front of your dream home:

The natural curb appeal of this property has unlimited possibilities. You'll be the envy of all your friends!

Let's walk around to the side of the house, so you can peek at the spooktacular...

ummm, pay no attention to that man. He's ...uh... just taking measurements for your new window treatments! Wait 'til you see them- they're to die for! Let's go around and peek at the other side of the house, shall we?

Huh? Who's that? Oh, that's just the... house sitter.

She's not from here. "booenas noches to you too!"

Sooooo... What do you think? This is a hot property, I've had lots of offers dripping for this house so if you want it, you've got to move fast. How many? Oh, just the other day a nice couple named Marilyn & Elvis popped by to check it out. Nice couple- they went batty with excitement for it.

But hey, let me give you this full color
brochure to take with you.
It's gonna disappear fast! It won't cost you an arm & a leg either! How 'bout you come by my office & I'll have the paper work ready for you to sign.

Thanks for peekin' at my house for sale. I'm off to show it to another prospective buyer-- a real important guy. I think he owns a big soda company or something because he called himself "The King of Pop." ~~~> Gotta Go!

This house was built with the Sizzix House 3-D die. I think it is one of the easiest of all the dies because it comes in 1 piece & NO adhesive is needed to construct it. I used mostly scraps to embellish it.
I also used the MS bat & web punches. I used a ribbon closure around the card to close it shut. Very fun project I created for this week's Cinema Saturday Challenge!
Woo Hoo! I'm so glad I FINALLY get to play along again. It's so fun, so come play too!


  1. Lady, you are just too, or should I say boo, much!! Fantastic, Karli! Blessings to you!

  2. This is just incredible! I adore it!

  3. Love the post Karli! LMAO. Oh I wish I had that die. That is AWESOME!! You've got to be elligible to win some kind of contest with that one :)

  4. Man I love the House!! I'll take it.. lol. What a great idea. You're going to win with that one, very creative!!

  5. Totally cool, Karli. Right down to the ghouls peeking out the window, wtg!

  6. How cool is that.....?
    What a great card and the love the post it is shown in. *lol*

  7. OMGosh! This is awesome. So is your story. Love it!

  8. This is the coolest, scariest card! I love it and, seriously, just bought a Bog Shot just so I too can make these kinda cool cards!!! Thanks for the ideas and enabling me!!


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