Saturday, October 31, 2009

Sweet Dreamer's Challenge: A baby card for Kathy!

Hi friends,
This is the card I made for Kathy. She is one of our very own Sweet Dreamers and is now a proud mommie to a brand new baby girl :) Congratulations Kathy! I hoped to get this card out to her yesterday, but I've come down with a heinous case of the flu---> again!!! I'm going to the doc to make sure it isn't the kind that oinks.
My card is a little baby armoire all dec'd out with girly girl things.
Here it is open:

The top drawer pops up.

And closed:

It is held shut with velcro on the underside of the label.
This card was made with this template---> here I bought a long time ago, but I love making these. Every time there's a new baby, I break out my template & create one of these cards. I so need to change it up, but these cards are so unique & different, I can't resist!

Thanks so much for peekin' at Kathy's little armoire card. I'm hoping I'm able to pass out candy tonight, but I doubt it :( I'm soooooo sad because watching the kids come by all giggles with excitement is what I enjoy most about Halloween. I'm off to drink more tea & my wonderful grandma is making me some homemade chicken soup--- grandmas are the bestest!
Gotta Go!


  1. Karli, this is so beautiful! What a great idea! Take care of you and feel better soon! Blessings to you!

  2. Karli, girl, you AMAZE me!!! This is fabulous!
    Hope you feel better soon...and I hope you don't grow a pig tail! ;)

  3. Oh what a beautiful, awesome, creative card! I'm so sad to hear you're sick, again :( Take care, get rest, no rooting around ;)


  4. Adorable!

    Hope you feel better.

  5. awww this is super super cute!!! she is going to love this!!!


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