Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Coffin Box: Take 1

Hi friends,
As you may know, I'm still a bit sick. Hmm? What's the matter, you ask? Oh, thank you for asking. Well, I've been "coffin" a lot! Booo! Hisss! I know that was a bad one :) But to try to make it up to ya, I do have three different versions of the super awesome coffin box to share. Why three? Well, because 3 is a good number. I like three :) Oh yeah & because each of the coffin boxes has a different way of opening. Today I have version 1 & here it is:
Front view:
Sorry for the bad pic :( It was sooooo hard to photograph this well. But there's a bat (covered in black Stickles) at the top.

Side view:
As you can see, I used the MS goo punch for the drippy blood! Luuuuv this punch!!! There are spider webs at the corners of the sign.

Here's a peek of what's inside because, after all, like my grandma always says---> it's all about what's on the inside that counts- right? ;)

It's a wrapped Hershey's Chocolate bar. It fits ever so snuggly in the coffin. I had to really fold the edges of the wrapper, but it did fit!

The way this box opens is through the bottom.
I think this is the easiest of the three to put together. I really like the fact that it's all one piece & all you need is one piece of 8 1/2 x 11" cardstock.

Thank you so much for peekin' at my coffin box- version 1. I'll be back with version dos (which rhymes with -tos- which is "cough" in Spanish!) I'm so clever ;) not! I'm off to get myself some help---Gotta go!

Oh friends, of course I'm sharing my template with you! Enjoy & show me what you make, ok!
Coffin Box 1


  1. I think you are pretty funny Karli! I cracked up at your "coffin" joke. The coffin is very cute, too. Can't wait to see the others.

  2. I sure hope you are not feeling better soon- if you are making cute 'coffins' like this one- Thanks so much for the fun template! You are too funny and quite creative!

  3. Awesome decorations on the coffin.

    Hope you are feeling better.

  4. I don't know how I missed this one, but I'm glad I found it. It must have been "burried" in my blog list;) *see I can make bad jokes too
    Anyway, love your coffin, and your jokes.



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