Friday, October 2, 2009

Clear Sliding Box Tutorial

Hi friends,
Today I have a quick tutorial to make this little sliding drawer:

For the clear case, I'm using a PTI Stamp package, but you can use any clear box package for this project. Here's how you figure out the measurements:
1) Measure the box across. This box is 6" x 6"
2) Measure "how tall it is". This box is 1" tall.
3) Now take the box 6"+1" (for one side flap) +1" (for the other side flap.)

NOTE: I wanted a little room for the box to be able to easily slide out so instead of starting with an 8" piece of paper, my paper is 6" + 3/4" + 3/4"= 7 1/2" . Score at 3/4" on all four sides.

Cut on the lines as shown & trim edges to create little tabs.

Add strong adhesive to the tabs shown by red Xs.

Adhere to large middle flap to create box.
Punch a hole (1/8") so you can attach the brad.
All you need to do is attach the brad & the box is complete :)

For the clear box:
Cut off side tabs & lid closure. (Sorry for the glare :(

Here's my embellished lid & box:

Now just slide it in & enjoy!
It could not be easier! You can make some pretty cards & envelopes & create a beautiful stationery kit or add some fun treats. It's so simple to reproduce, pretty & inexpensive too! And best of all you're being green. Leo DiCaprio would be proud ;) and Kermit the Frog was wrong! It IS easy being green!

Thanks so much for peekin' today! I'm off to play with my new Gypsy!!! It really is very easy to use. I'm soooo loving all the features & things it can do! ---Gotta go!


  1. Fun tutorial Karli. I hoard the PTI stamp boxes, too. Seems wastfull to throw them away. I'll have to try to alter some, your project is terrific.

  2. Great idea! I love the flowers you made for the lid too. TFS


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