Friday, October 16, 2009

Birthday Balloons

Hi friends,
I wanted to share this birthday card I made for a little girl. I used the flower pot tutorial as inspiration. This is the same thing, but even easier because you don't have to trim any sides! Instead of a flower pot, I created a gift box. Instead of flowers, balloons are escaping from the box. I used glitter paper for the balloons so they're really sparkly. I also added string to each balloon (after I took these pics) & gathered all the ends up & adhered them to the side of the card. It looked really cute that way. (Just picture it in your mind, ok :)

Here's a peek at the card when it's pulled out:

There's still room to write a little birthday message.

Thanks so much for dropping in to visit today--- I know, I know, not my usual blah, blah, blog. I have so many things I want to do, I really need 48 hours in my day! Anyone else feel like that sometimes? :) I'm off to get somethin' cooking for din din---> Gotta go!

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  1. Karli, you are just SO talented! This is fabulous and I'm sure she will LOVE it!! Great job!


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