Thursday, October 8, 2009

Halloween Door Hanging

Hi friends (near & far!),
Today I have another project my son Jordan made at the "Teen Scene" class at my LSS. He chose a lot of the design elements himself. Well, let me give you a peek of it:

He chose which paper to use, where to place the die cuts, to add googlie eyes to the bats & even to hang one upside down! He's really catching on to this crafting thing now! I think he may even LIKE it! ((Gasp!)) The way I got him to go was...well... (the way to get any guy to play along, I suppose) ~~~> I told him there was going to be food involved :) This is more or less how the conversation went:

Me: "Jordan, do you want to go the the Teen Scene class & make some crafts?"
Jordan: "Naaaw."
Me: "They serve dinner AND dessert :)"
Jordan: "I guess I can try it out."

And he hasn't missed a class yet! or seconds on dessert :) But I really enjoy watching him create :) It's our special 'mommy & me' time that is fading fast --->insert tears here :(
Anyhoo, let me show you the back- oh yeah, it's double-sided:

Thanks so much for letting me share my little one's creations with you. I'm off to make a birthday card for one of my favorite people--- Gotta go!


  1. That's really great. He's doing a fantasctic job with the crafts. Thanks for sharing them.


  2. Your son is one talented crafter! TFS his wonderful creations and tell him we want to see more!

  3. Karli, you have another crafter in the family! And he works for food! You can't beat that! Great project! Blessings to you and to Jordan!

  4. What a fun mom/son time! Wonderful project- he did a wonderful job! TFS

  5. Your son is very talented. Food is a good tool to bribe the men/boys, it always seems to work!


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