Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sweet Dreamers' Challenge: Aly's Sketch Challenge & GYPSY Update

Hi friends,
Phew! I made it just in time to share this week's Dreamers Challenge. (It's been crazy busy dealing with my Gypsy, but let's save that for later.) This week, our challenge was to use Aly's sketch to create a card. Maybe you haven't heard of Aly--->YET, but ya will! She's Tami's (Sweet Dreamers) 10 year old daughter. Aly has her own Sketch Challenge Blog and she even gives away prizes! The challenge runs for 2 weeks so you still have 1 week to get yours in!
Here's my card:

Here's Aly's sketch:Move over Mojo Monday and SCS, Aly's on the scene! Won't you visit her blog & try this sketch yourself? If you're stumped (like I was) Aly provides a sample card she creates with her sketch. Remember she's 10 yrs old! What was I doing at 10 years old? Not creating cards, my own sketches, & hosting my own challenge blog, that's for sure! I think I was driving my Barbies in their Barbie Corvette from the Barbie Pool House to the Barbie Beauty Shop! ( I had a loooong childhood! ;) You Rock Aly!

To make a LONG story not as long, I got my Gypsy on Tuesday & started playing with it- soooo cool! I didn't have time to register it until yesterday (Saturday). When I went to do that, it didn't let me :( I had system 10.4.11 & you needed System 10.6 or higher! WHAAAAAAAAAT!!!! Nobody, not Provo Craft nor HSN mentioned that! So I went to the Cricut message boards & sure enough there were a swarm of angry Mac crafters there. Finally, what I had to do was buy the upgrade to Snow Leopard (System 10.6- the latest & greatest.) Once I installed that, it was smooth as silk chocolate cake! Oh, it was $169.00 to upgrade. This has turned out to be one very expensive toy, so I better put it to good use & make lots of projects, cards, & Scrapbook pages, huh! But I do like the new features of Snow Leopard so... It's all well that ends well...I guess :) Ya wanna take a peek at mine...

Here it is:I bought the Cherry Blossom Skin. It comes with the wristlet & the pink Metallic Stylus. I added the Hello Kitty charm so I can easily pull it out. (It's pretty hard without it!)

Here's a closer peek at the Bling I added to it

Luuuuuv the way that came out!

Here's the back:

No bling on the back. I added "My Gypsy" & the pink ribbon with a pink Sharpie.

Thanks so much for peekin' today! I'm off to get ready for school. Where did this weekend go????--->Gotta go!


  1. Great card, Karli!!!
    Have fun with your new toy! I must be WAY behind times- I don't even know what a Gypsy is!!!

  2. Aly loves the glittery crown. Thanks for playing at Aly's

  3. Beautiful card Karli and OOOOH how pretty is your Gypsy!!


  4. Oh yeah, one more question, can I use your card for our blog? Since it's got the new Cuttlebug embossing folders on it.

  5. I do not know what the Gypsy is either....but I sure love the way you decorated it! your card is great- love the glitzy crown! TFS

  6. Love it. Love the skin and love the touches you added to it. I'm a big hello kitty fan and the charm is super cute!

  7. cute card; love the showcase of the rhinestone crown.

  8. Love your card! looking forward to hearing more about your gypsy.

  9. Love your card, your take on the sketch is fabulous. Great colors and the crown is so pretty. Let us know what you do with your new Gypsy, can't wait to see!


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