Thursday, September 10, 2009

Arachnophobes BEWARE!

Hi friends,
OK, before I share today, I want to warn those of you arachnophobes out there you may want to look away today! Uh huh, you guessed correctly--well, kinda sort of. This mystery pic from yesterday is a ....

MY tarantula actually. Her name is Rosie and she's a Chilean Rose Tarantula. She's 9 years old. Yup, the same age as my son (Hee!) Since she's a female, she can live to be 30 years old! Amazing, isn't it? (No, she's not dead;) This is her molt (shed skin).

The reason I was happy is because shedding is a good thing. It means she's growing & is healthy! I was surprised when I looked in her cage to see 2 tarantulas! I was not expecting her to molt yet! Molting is a very dangerous time for a tarantula, but it is an absolutely AMAZING thing to see. I wonder if it hurts?

Here she is on my hand so you can see how big she is:

BTW, she's bigger now and I don't have a tiny hand! I'm not holding her- the real her- right now because she's a little vulnerable & may be a bit grumpy :(

When tarantulas molt they shed just about everything--->including their fangs:
See those suckers! They're BIG!!! The red part is her "mouth" and her fangs are right in front. (No, she's never bitten me!) But I hear it's as painful as a bee sting.

You may be wondering why I would have such a creature- right? Well, long story long, I was afraid of spiders for no real reason. I took my son to an insect fair where a breeder was showing different kinds of tarantulas. The keeper had a tarantula crawling over him & little kids were holding them as well. He asked me if I wanted to hold one & since I didn't want to look like a big chicken, scaredy cat in front of my son, I reluctantly agreed. He put it on my hand & everything I was afraid of was squashed! It was nothing like what I thought it was. I hardly felt her on my hand. (It was light as a feather.) She moved slowly & didn't jump around. The more I listened to him explain away tarantula myths, the better I felt. I decided that to complete my instant therapy session, I should take one home. So Rosie came home with us that day! Everyone that comes around is totally fascinated by her---but no one wants to hold her for some reason? Just a friendly admiration from afar :)

Because the molting process can be a dangerous time, but an AMAZING one as well, I thought I would make Rosie a special card to commemorate her big event. Here it is:

a closer peek

Too bad you can't really tell where I added little drops of Stickles 'cause that makes it look so super cool. It looks like morning dew on a spiderweb! I ran the black CS through the embossing folder & traced all the lines with a silver gel pen. As for the sentiment... she IS absolutely fabulous!

Here I added a flocked Rosie (she's brown and pink- she's totally on trend with current fashion colors!)

If you're still here with me- I salute you! Speaking as a former arachnophobe, I know it can be hard to believe they can make good pets. But she's awesome!!! No, I don't cuddle & hug her, but that's why I have him, Sir Fluff.
Awww, look at that sweet little face :) Gotta love your pets!

Congrats for making it to the end! Woo Woo- you are fearless! :)
Thanks for peekin' at Rosie Posey today :) I've got to get my kiddos ready for their first day of school-FINALLY! I feel like I've been back to work forever & they're just getting started! So...Gotta go!


  1. Karli she is amazing! And so is your card! Nine wonderful! As a pet lover, I can only imagine the fun you have had with your "babies"! Blessings to you all!

  2. Well thank you for sharing all that interesting information about Rosie. I had no idea that they molt. I'm still creeped out by it, but I'm happy for you and her anyway :)
    The card is fabulous, great job.


  3. I had a similar fear of snake for no reason I could think of, and then one day a few years back I finally held one, a python at a local travelling wildlife show and I have not been as scared ever since. I still am a little but nothing like before. It is amazing how looking fear head on gets rid of it.
    Cogratulations on your pet and your story.

  4. ok EEWWWWWWWW *SCREECH* i am deathly afraid of spiders - they can be microscopic and still freak me out but i made it ALL THE WAY through your post ACK. card is freakin awesome tho and i like sir fluff better - we have 2 chinchillas i just adore!

  5. not sure about that spider, lol, but i do love that card.

  6. Great card. I'm not afraid of spiders, but just showed the photo to my husband and it freaked him out. I think Rosie is very pretty! Fun sneak peak yesterday!

  7. Rosie is quite lucky to have a card styled after her! I don't relly care too much for spiders or Tarantulas either, but I read your whole story.
    Sir Fluff is quite cute!!

  8. I'm glad you love Rosie so much- I don't think I could!! I never realized that tarantulas molted...see- I learned something today! TFS!

  9. Oh wow- I get the shivers looking at your pictures- what do they eat??? I am not the biggest fan of spiders- love your card- excellent Halloween theme! TFS

  10. Cool post!! I am not sure I could love a spider like you do..but maybe.
    I was facinated to see the molt...does she just sort of slip out of the taking off tights? So bizarre and wonderful!
    I have a spider on my blog today...check him out
    I dedicate it to Rosie.

  11. OMG..I just clicked on the shed skin image...that does look sore...poor little Rosie..

  12. Your right spiders do make very good pets. I have two!! A rosehair just like your Rosie, and a Brazilian Salmon. But sadly my salmon is a male so it means he will only live about 5 years. And he is almost 2 now :( He will grow to have a leg span of about 10 inches!! He is almost there now. And when I got him he was just a hatchling almost as big as the top of a pencil eraser. Gotta love our spiders.


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