Thursday, October 15, 2009

Witch Shoe do you like?

Hi friends,
Today I have these witch shoes to share with you:

I have had this template for a loooooong time, but never used it. I have wanted to make these witch shoes for the longest so I decided this would be the year. Aren't they uber chic ? I had so much fun making them! Well, let me give you peeks at each one:

You may have noticed a little something peeking out.
They're toes!!! AHHHHHH! Not to worry, they're gummy :)

See? It's just a severed foot :)How utterly awesomely gross, right! It just makes me giggle :) I think they need nail polish, don't ya think?

Anyhoo, I thought adding these gummy feet with the toes peeking out of the shoe would be a creepy touch. I haven't decided which candy is going to fill 'em up yet, but the toes will stay.

OK, here are my "Jimmy Boos" errr, I mean Jimmy Choos- one last time :)

It took me SEVERAL tries to get the template the right size but you don't have to worry. I'm sharing the template with you. You'll need 2 sheets of 81/2" x 11" paper if you're using the base & insert. Hopefully, it scanned the same size as mine :) You can omit the insert by using double sided paper, and it will make it even faster to put together. This template came from a back issue of Paper Crafts Magazine that I have.

Edited to Add: I bought the gummy body parts at Walmart or Target (I don't remember exactly- but one of them for sure!)

Thanks so much for peeking at my toes :) I'm off to nibble on an ear! (I'm loving these gummy body parts!)~~~> Gotta Go!

Download TemplatesWitch Shoe
Witch Shoe Insert


  1. I LOOOVE your shoes, very posh and those gummy feet are super freaky. Thanks for sharing the template :)

  2. I have to ask....wherever did you get the gummy toes? They are the perfect finishing touch! Great job on the shoes! And thanks for sharing the template.


  3. Yeahhh, the gummy toes are the hit. I've never seen any of these around here.

  4. What a great idea!!! I love the gummy feet!!!
    I could see those done for a wedding shower too!

  5. These are so cute, love the name "Jimmy Boos"! The toes peeking out are absolutely gruesome and so perfect! They made me laugh. The shoes are really beautiful, I may have to try to make them. Thanks for sharing the template!

  6. The witch shoes are so cute. And, the gummy toes are the perfect finishing touch! tfs

  7. I love the shoes you made- and the gummy feet are awesome! TFS


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