Monday, January 31, 2011

Winter CHA 2011

Hi friends,
I'm sharing some of the moments at CHA here in the City of Angels.
Well, the first person I see is this guy:
 demoing his heart out :) It's T!m Holtz, of course!

Here he's showing us how he makes his own stamps from the Sizzix dies. He uses fun foam to cut out the stamps & uses the clear packaging as the mounts.

 Here's one of the samples using some of the new goodies coming...

Here he's showing off the new ATC sized embossing folders- very cool! And if you look under those you'll see the new stamps he's created for using with negative space on embossing folders & texture fades- very, very cool!

 and here he is with some mutant who "had" to have her pic with him... that would be moi :( I know it doesn't LOOK like I want to take a pic with him but, I was really excited to. I'm just the worst, most unphotogenic person ever!!! Tear, Tear...

Here's some beautiful jewelry made with Sizzix dies made for jewelry designs...

Here's a pic of some of the displays at T!m's booth...
 ooooo, these are new mini dies (movers & shapers) & the samples were awesome!!!
 That's the end of the T!m tour :)

Now we'll head off to another part of the floor.

Here's a sample from Quick Quotes.  It was quite a long canvas board but so pretty. They had a nice Canvas board make & take (I'll share later).

This was at Susan Winget's booth. Everything is made from paper. preeety...

Next up, this was at the Sizzix booth:

Sizzix has new dies & Embossing folders coming as well as new Pop-Up dies. Which brings me to these fun, fun, fun card samples by Karen Burniston. I had a pic with her, but I think I accidently deleted it :( The cool thing is she was showing us ways to use dies like the Christmas tree or snowman die for non-Christmas Trees or snowmen projects.
Snowman die:

and my personal favorite:
card front:

Opens to reveal Professor Snape! Luuuuuuuv!

Christmas Tree die:
floating chandelier

 floating bird cage (using T!m's birdcage die)

 Ballerina tutu-  How cuuute!

Now on to Prima. Their booth was very...well... Prima-ish! Very pretty & had lots of samples. Click on pics for a closer peek.

Here are some dress forms they had decorated with their papers & embellies;

Here's a little somethin' from KaiserCraft. They have these large wood cut-outs to embellish & display as home decor.

One of my fav stops was at the VIVA Decor booth. They had some great make & takes & on display was a model wearing this gorgeous dress:
 This dress was completely embellished with (my fav) Viva Decor Pens as was her beautiful jewelry.
Here's  a closer peek:
 See her bracelets? Those were one of the make & takes :)
You know what I'm doing to all my clothes now!!! Hee! Hee!

At the Provo Craft booth, they unveiled their latest machines: the YUDU for card-making and the Cricut Expression 2:
 What can it do???---> everything the current E can & the Imagine (except print, it will only cut out the Imagine images).  It has a touch screen & eventually will be wi-fi to connect to the computer wirelessly. It is compatible with the Gypsy. Honestly, many of the people I saw there were not that impressed. Much like in the past, it will launch for sale on HSN in April. Not sure on the price, but they will have a bundle.

They're also launching the Cricut Classroom, the new program that will essentially replace the Design Studio. It's supposed to be free, but you still need the carts to be able to cut. It is available online only, not for download. One last thing, don't like that Cricut green? Not a problem. The color on the E2 is customizable to whatever color you want.

Last, but definately the highlight of my day, was that I got to meet my fav designer of all time:
 but friends, I didn't just get to meet her... she actually picked my brain about something *exciting* she's got in the works! AHHHHHHHHH! and it was all thanks to my fav Starbucks!
       I saw there was a Starbucks in the CC, so I headed to the back of the loooooong line & who was there??? Yes, Anna Griffin! My heart jumped & I ran very excitedly to the line (so no one else would jump in front of me). I stood there quietly not knowing if I should say anything, if I was going to bother her, seem like a stalker---> you know I had a million thoughts & emotions running through my mind. But I said to myself if I don't say anything to her, I'm going to regret it. I also remembered the little plaque I have hanging in my room that reads "Sometimes the only way to do it, is to do it afraid." So I did. I said hi & asked if I could take a picture with her (as totally cool, calm, & collected as I could) and she was so nice & gracious to grant my request. She put her arm around me & I was hoping she couldn't feel my heart thumping through my shirt or that I was shaking like a 10.5 earthquake! The other thought was "Oh pleeeeeeeeeease don't let me look like a mutant in THIS pic!"
Here we are:
 Good Enough!!!! A dream come true! I will be making wallets for everyone, a poster for my room, & sending these out for my Christmas cards this year! Hee! Hee! Annnnnd, she said for all my valued input, she insisted on buying my cup of coffee! I was so over the moon & a little shy about it, but she did. I normally get a Venti, but I didn't want to seem like a pig, so I just got a Tall :) See, I was on my best behavior!

Here it is:

 Ahhhhhhh... can you hear the Halleluiah choir in the background :) Of course I kept the cup! This is the cup Anna Griffin bought me! Meeeeeeee! Meeeeeeeee! MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! It will have a special place in my craft room :)

It was an exciting, awesome with awesome sauce on top- kinda day!

Oh, I see a hand in the back.
Question: Did I bring back anything for you from CHA?
Answer: Ya know I did! I do have a copy of the new Cricut Magazine for someone who'd like it.
Just leave a comment on this post about anything I've shared from CHA. Anything that tickled your fancy? I'll pick a winner through & post it on Groundhog Day---> Wed, Feb 2nd :)

FYI, you can find more info about the new Cricut E 2--->Here.

That's it for today & for a long post.
Thanks for peeking & I hope you enjoyed a little peek at Winter CHA!
Gotta Go!


  1. Hi Karli,
    I really enjoyed reading your todays post. I'm sure I would have felt the same way as you did, meeting all those famous people.
    And quit thinking, you are not looking good on photos. You do look great.
    Even though I probably wouldn't have recognised you, because on your profil picture it looks like you had long hair. ;)

    Thanks for sharing your impressions and all those cool pictures.

    Have a great week.


  2. I'm so glad you had fun. I was at CHA in Orlando and it was awesome. You look just beautiful in your pictures!

  3. Karli, you lucky crafter!!! Attending CHA and hob-nobbing with the famous! Thanks for sharing your awesome photos.

  4. OMG! I would be just ecstatic if I met all those "celebrities"!!! Tim especially!!
    carriedan1 at live dot com

  5. I'm so glad you got to meet your idol. Makes the whole trip that much more WORTH IT! That dress is totally fabulous. I can't wait to see what your bracelet looks like.

  6. I'm so jealous, I wanted to go so bad and only live about 45 mins from there....but you comes first!!! Thanks for sharing your day with us....looks like you had a lot of fun!!!


  7. It sounds like you had a blast. I was just thinking about CHA this morning as I headed out to work. I was wishing I was there! I am so shy, I would never have gotten up the nerve to speak to Anna Griffin. I agree, she is awesome.

  8. Karli, I am so happy for you, getting to meet your all time favorite designer!! That is sooooo awesome. Thank you for sharing the info on the Cricut, I love the idea of the C2 but just need to see the price; hopefully it will be reasonable :). I have heard that it will only be available for a limited time. Did you hear any details on that?

  9. Love the posts! The Viva Decor pens--yikes how exciting...and I am dying to see your bracelet!


  10. WOW! Looks like you had a great time! Thank you for sharing all the excitment and new inspirations... LOVE LOVE LOVE the Viva Decore pens...cant wait to get some... and Karen Burniston creations are awesome! I love Anna Griffin's designs too... I was tickled reading your moment of glory... You'll have to put 'The Cup' with your picture-(Beautiful smile BTW) and address it - "this is what happens when you do it afraid!" Congrats again- and thank you for sharing more smiles ;D

  11. You sure are excited and who wouldn't be! Annd who could ever look at a piece of paper the same after seeing the wonderful images that you shared with us.

  12. I love that dress made with embellies, but I think I like the story about Starbucks and meeting Anna Griffin. I would be just like you were and keep the cup on display in my craft room too! I envy you getting to go to CHA! I live in Nebraska and that is too far to have to go to just look at scrapbook stuff (as my husband would put it)! So jealous.

  13. I wish you'd had Anna sign your coffee cup! Everything looks amazing, can't wait till some of it comes to my LSS.

  14. Sounds like yo have such a wonderful time. Good for you! That dress is awesome....another new idea and I love it. I've wanted to check out that mag since I first saw the ads but alas, funds won't let me subscribe just yet. Congrats to you.

  15. wonderful pix! thanks for sharing! those are some amazing projects and layouts!!! i'm so jealous!!!

  16. Sounds like it was a blast at CHA. I hope to go to the Chicago one. Meeting Anna would of left me speechless. OMG!!! I have seen this cricut mag but not whats in it yet???
    Linda Harris

  17. I love reading anything about Tim and about CHA-my dream is to get to go! I've never heard about a Cricut magazine but it would be wonderful to see! maybe it would help me get my Cricut out of the box and use it! JK

  18. Ohh how fun! I would love to be able to go to one of those someday...what fabulous creations on display! Love the pic of you and Tim!

  19. What an exciting day you had! You met the King of crafting AND the Queen too! Did you buy anything new??? I love the idea of ATC sized embossing folders and Love all of the pretty Prima's. Love all of your pictures- how exciting for you.

  20. Oh my gosh, I'm green with envy! Thank you for sharing your day with all of us. The displays look amazing! Wow, Tim and Anna, what great celebs you were hobnobbing with (you look fab in both pictures, you're very photogenic). You did make me laugh saying you only ordered a tall, hehehe, too funny! So glad you had fun!

  21. HI Teammie lol!! I was just scooping your blog lol!!! I was just adding my list to team B on my blog and for some reason i ended up going through all your creations lol!! I read this post and i was rolling!!! YOU CRACK ME UP GIRL!!! OH MY GOSH You must of been on cloud 9 huh lol!??YOU KEPT THE CUP LMAO!!!! You are too sweet.

    Thanks for sharing all these CHA PICTURES HOW COOL WOW!I'm going to be in CHA Chicago if you happen to go i'll be by magnolia mini world or scorpal booth, not sure.

    Great job on your ABC CHALLENGE card.The detail is spledid and i like your gorgeous papers.Great job,RubyM:)


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