Monday, March 8, 2010

Pom Pom flowers Tutorial

Hi friends!
I received some lovely comments on these cards that featured Dawn McVey's Pom Pom flowers. I realized when I looked back to the link I provided, that she has temporarily removed it from her blog. Since I had a couple of questions on how to make them, I thought I'd make a quickie tut to show you how easy (and therapeutic) they are to make :) Yes, I'll be adding this to my video tuts I owe you :( I tried but I kept coughing :(

Here's what you'll need:
* 1 brad
* Paper
* a scallop punch
(I'm using SU!'s Scallop punch, but you can use Nesties, a die cut machine, or whatever you'd like)
So let's get started!

The Deets:
Punch out 5 scallops.

Stack them together. They don't need to be even, actually the more random the better. Punch a hole through the center. I used a 1/8" hole punch (on my Croppie- aka Crop-a-dile)

Stick the brad through the hole & spread the clasps open:

Now comes the therapeutic part!!!
Start with the top layer & crumble it up. No need to be prim & proper here! Just crumble it up well. Think of someone who is on your last nerve. Like the boss who won't let you teach the grade you've been begging to have for 4 years now because... oh... oops! I forgot I'm typing here :) BTW, that was totally hypothetical ;) You get the idea- CRUMBLE IT UP!!!

Then go to each layer & enjoy the *free* therapy! Wooo!Hooo!
Keep going...
You're going to want to crumble more than I'm showing you. I was trying to do it super fast.

DON'T CRUMBLE THE LAST ONE!!! That's going to be your base. Then start unwrapping each layer a little until you get the look you like.
Here's the finished flower:
As you can see, they're very dimensional, but easy & beautiful.

I so hope you give this a try and I'm warning you, once you get started you won't want to stop! I'm going to have my class make these for their Mother's Day Projects for sure.

As always, thanks so much for peeking at my blog today! I've got conferences continuing, but more importantly, 24 (the TV show) is about to start, so I've...
Gotta Go!

PS: Dawn suggested you go to a thrift store & get an inexpensive children's book- poetry maybe- and use that. You'll have paper forever. As a teacher, I can't imagine doing that. But it IS for crafting, so it's for a good reason right??? Ooooh, I'm torn :{


  1. Thanks so much for posting that tutorial. I'm making one of those today before I forget :)

  2. Awesome Karli, I'm trying this today. Thanks for a great tut as usual! I'm with ya' I could never cut up a book, especially a children's one. We love books in our house and treat them with respect, lol! Can you tell, I've said that before?

  3. Thanks for sharing your therapy :) I'll be trying those later today. Hope you cough clears up soon, I want to see some videos!

  4. Thanks for the tut! Now I know what I'm going to have my students make for mother's Day! TFS!

  5. WOW, these are amazing! can't wait to try them...glitterBee hugs, Ronnie

  6. These are so great! Thanks for the tutorial! I will be making some of these.

  7. How fun! Can I use unpaid invoices that I couldn't get companies to pay? lol. so fun.

  8. This is super cute.....thanks for sharing how to do it!

  9. I buy books all the time in thrift stores to use for scrapping and then I get them home and can't bear to use them.... I've got a whole stack sitting right by me now...

  10. Thanks for showing us this! I had checked the blog and the info wasn't there! This rally helps! The flowers are really gorgeous!

  11. Karli,
    I'm like you, I went to the thrift store to buy a book and just couldn't bring myself to tear out the pages! I don't even dog ear, but I do love the look. Maybe I'll look for sheet music, I can't carry a tune in a bucket, so I shouldn't have any trouble tearing it up.
    Thanks for sharing
    Kathy T


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