Friday, September 18, 2009

Teacher Back-to-School Gift

Hi friends,
This is something I quickly put together for my son's teacher after we got home from Back-to-School Night. I made this little schoolhouse from a lunch bag. I punched out the little fence border, die cut the grass & window.
I just eyeballed the door and roof.
Here's the back:

I added a little cello bag with cookies & a small water bottle inside. The card reads, "We know you had to stay extra late for Back to School Night, so here's a little treat to say "Thanks" for all you do." Awwwww. I know :) Hey, even though I'm a teacher, it doesn't mean I don't try to start the year with an A+ too! Hee! Hee!

Thanks for peeking today! I'm feeling a tickle in my throat- not good news. I think my first school cold is coming on :( ---Gotta Go!


  1. This is adorable with a capital A!

  2. I'm sure you got some brownie points for that one. Ugh, Sick already! I heard from my daughter's teacher that it's started going around her school too. We've got bottles of anti-bac gel everywhere.
    Hope you feel better quickly,

  3. What a GREAT idea!!! You did a wonderful job with this and I know it was truly appreciated!!

  4. I've seen a few paper houses made recently, but I think this is the most creative. I love that it uses a paper lunch bag, that humble item that almost everyone has just lying around!

  5. So sweet of you to make this adorable gift for you son's teacher. Love the bag idea.


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