Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Bigger... Better... Backpack!

Hi friends,
Remember this little *emphasis on the little* backpack? In that post I complained about how little this backpack was. Remember? --You 'member!

Well, a few days later I went to my friend Teresa's store (CI Scrapbooking) & she was working on a little project... enlarging the backpack! Hey, just what I was thinkin' about doing! She liked the backpack (just like me) but thought the size was not too workable (just like me). So she went to work! I love it when someone else does the thinking & I can just create it :) I need to preserve as many brain cells as possible! Hee! Hee! Anyhoo, here's a reference for you about the size difference:
She offered this as a class. It has room for a stack of A2 cards & envelopes or to stuff a baggie of cookies or treats. This is a much better size! Because she's offering this as a class, I don't know if she'll let me share a tutorial---> but I'll beg! I know I would love to share it. Stay tuned... :)

Thanks for spending some time in my neck of the coast! I'll be posting the Frankie/Mummy and Card holder tutorials in the next couple of days---Gotta go!


  1. Oh yes! This is a much better size! Hope you can share the details!

  2. Wow, the larger size one is great, I couldn't figure out anything small enough to fit in the little one. Love the idea of a set of A2 cards. Looks great!

  3. These are both so cute- what a difference in size that is!!! Fun projects.


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