Thursday, September 3, 2009

Friends Resurrected

Hi friends,
I'm pulling out some cards & projects from the "Bat Files" to share with you. These were all over SCS last year & I went insano cranking them out! (cause I made a bazillion!) These Frankie & Mummy cards are SOOOO fun & easy-peasy to make! Don't they just put a smile on your face? Frankie is made almost entirely out of punches. For my mummy, I decided to use gauze instead of paper- for a more authentic & realistic feel! I ran the gauze directly on the ink pad to age it up & added googlie eyes. I can make a tutorial on these if anyone is interested, but I thought everyone is probably familiar with these :)

Thanks so much for peekin' today! I'm off to eat a little & call it a day!---Gotta go!


  1. BOTH of these are absolutely awesome!

  2. These are awesome!! The mummy is my favorite!!

  3. Karli, these cards are a hoot! Love the use of the gauze! Blessings to you!

  4. These are both so cute! Love the gauze, so clever!

  5. awww never seen the mummy one! sooo adorable...thanks for inspiring me to do some!


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