Sunday, February 28, 2010

Awww...wards :)

Hi friends,
I've been greatly honored with 2 awards from my dear blog fiends... er, I mean... friends, Mary, Carrie, and Kristina. I'm so sorry I haven't posted sooner, but I truly do appreciate these :)

First from Mary and Carrie (hey, you rhyme!) this award:
Thank you Bee buds! Please visit their blogs with a Venti sized coffee cup, 'cause you'll be there for a while! To accept this award, I need to list 10 things that make me Happy:

1) Chocolate! mmmmmm
2) my family (when they listen to me, and then tell me I was right ;)
3) my friends (near, far, & far away in blogland)
4) Taking the time to notice the little things... (the sparkle on snow when the sunlight hits it)
5) Seeing & doing Random Acts of Kindness
6) working with children (the secret to what keeps me immature young)
7) this hobby that serves as my therapy (not cheaper therapy, just waaaay more fun!)
8) shopping for craft stuff! I probably need professional help for this one :)
9) sharing ideas, techniques with others & being inspired by others
10) Saturday & Sunday

This award comes from Kristina (the head Cricuteer)
Kristina is always so encouraging and no matter what crazy thing I create for the DT, she's always supportive & generous with praise. Thank you for everything!

Now el problema... 11 fellow bloggers to pass these awards too. Yikes! I'll start with:
Lisa-- (i don't know if she knows I've been secretly stalking admiring her work for a long time!)

Gaby-- She also has a jewelry blog and just stunning pieces she creates!

Lynnor-- who has been so generously kind showering praise on projects I've created. Tickled, I tell ya!

Sankari-- leaves me speechless (that's how AMAZING her work is!!!)

Brooke-- love her vintage projects

my fellow Dreamers & Glitterbees-- Seriously, I am so lucky they let me play with them. Talented ladies! If any of you haven't received this, please grab it! I know many have, I just don't know who hasn't :(

Thanks so much for peeking!
Gotta Go!


  1. Aww Shucks, now I'm blushing. Such kind words, are you sure you've got the right person?
    By the way, I really do LOVE your creations. They are so fantstic your a real asset to our DT.

  2. Karli, thank you! I'll post the award tomorrow. You admire me??? Wow! I've been admiring your creativity since the first time I visited your blog. Keep those awesome posts and projects coming!

  3. Wow, Karli, thanks so much!! How sweet!!! I can assure you the praise is genuine! I love your work and I especially love the projects that I can use in my classroom and pass on to my coworkers! It's great to be able to pass along a little sunshine to them with all the stress in our jobs! Now I guess I'll pass along this sunshine! Thanks again! You really made my day!


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