Thursday, February 11, 2010

Heart Pocket Card

Hi ya friends,
Today I have a little project I make with my school kiddos that I've resized for my cards. It's a little heart pocket:

You can add so many little goodies to the pocket. Here are some samples:

Here it's holding some Hershey chocolate hearts:

I call this one: "Have I toad you lately, that I love you?"
It's a marshmallow froggy or toad, I guess :)

I call this one "You're purrfect!" It's a marshmallow Kitty.

I call this one "So hoppy together"  They both fit in together.

Do ya want to see how quick & easy it is to make? Heeeere's the tut:
and the Video tut follows it if you'd rather see it that way:

You'll Need:
4x6 Pattern paper (double-sided is great)
strong adhesive

The Deets:
Start with a rectangle piece of Pattern Paper (any size). For the front of a standard A2 sized card, you'll need a 4"x6" sheet of paper. Double sided paper is a plus :)

Fold the paper "hot dog fold"- the long way.

Cut a half top heart as shown. You can use a pattern if that helps, I just free hand it.

Unfold it open & you should see the top of the heart:

Now fold the bottom edge towards the top. Line up the bottom edge with the point of the heart (as shown).

Next, think paper airplane folding. Take the right bottom edge & bring it up to meet the middle fold line (as shown).

Do the same thing with the other side:

Now, take the top flap piece & fold it over the 2 triangles as far as it will go. This will create a nice edge for your pocket.

Last, flip it over to the back & adhere the two flaps to the back of your heart pocket.

 Now simply flip it over

And... stick a fork in it 'cause it's done!

You can round the edges of your heart if you'd like:

See easy peasy! Embellish & fill as you wish. Add to a card base with strong adhesive. I used my fav Scor-Tape. I used my Scalloped Heart Nestie (largest die) to create the base card.

Other ways I've used it:
* Don't adhere it to a card base. Punch a hole, string ribbon through it & use it as a tag for a gift box.
**Adhere it to a gift bag as an embellishment
***String a few together to create a cute banner

I'm sure you can think of awesome things to do with it. When my kiddos make it, we use a full sheet of construction paper. The final heart is big enough to hold all the Valentines they get at our Valentine's exchange. It can be done from 1st graders on up. 1st graders will need help. 2nd graders may need help. 3rd graders can do it without help. I do it whole class---> I'm modeling the steps & they're following along.

Quiet on the set... & Action!

 Awww Ratatouille! (I say that instead of phooey!) I had more ideas for V-day, but time just flew by. Do you still want to see them or should I save them for the future? They're projects you could change the theme to anything else, but keep the concept, kwim? Just let me know, if you'd like.

Thanks so much for peeking! I hope you liked this simple, but fun little project :)
Gotta Go!


  1. What a beautiful pocket card. Great paper.

    Oh, and yes, I would love to see the other projects you have on mind.

    Have a nice weekend!

  2. Wow how cute is that, never would have thought it was that easy. Thanks for sharing the tutorial

  3. Really, the tutorial...that takes so much time to do and we appreciate your effort...

  4. Oh this is really cute. wish I would have seen it earlier.

  5. What a sweet project and thank you for the great tutorial

  6. WOW this is so cool! Thanks for the tutorial.

  7. I love all your cards and projects. Too late for this year's parent gifts but I'm filing this away as a project for my 1st graders for next year. Thanks a bunch...and yes, we want more!


  8. Amazing, I'll have to make these next year for the kids, they would love them filled with candy. Awesome tutorial as usual.

  9. OMGosh Karli, Miranda is my maiden name, that is so funny! It's a small world after all!!!

    I luv your heart project & it's a great gift idea, thanks for sharing!


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