Saturday, February 27, 2010

Cinema Saturday Challenge- Spiderman!

Hello friends!
I'm so tickled to be this week's guest designer for Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge Blog for the blockbuster film...
Go web go! I think this DVD has 100,000 miles on it thanks to my little one. He LOVED this movie & every time I wasn't looking, he'd sneak to the living room to watch it. I would just hear him saying "Go web go!"
Ok, so the challenge requirement is to use acetate or a transparency on your creations. Now this is a challenge!

Here's what I created:
I chose Spidey colors (blue & red) and used the Folded Paper Frame Technique. I ran the frame paper through my CB Web Embossing folder & ran my Stardust glitter pen along the lines for a more webby effect. I created a Rub-on for the sentiment on my computer & printer. I found a Spiderman font, typed the sentiment with it, printed it out & rubbed it on the acetate square. I kept it pretty simple, although I wanted to embellish it more.

Here's the inside:

The sentiment I chose to use is probably the most famous Spidey quote. "With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility." While thinking about this quote, my oldest son came to mind. I added a bit more to the sentiment. The entire sentiment reads, "With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility... or Stick With The Responsibility of a Bus Pass!"
Here's why...

The Deets: My son's DMV docs/driver's permit are in the pocket (insert tears here). Soon, he'll have his driver's license ---> something he's been dreaming of since birth, let me tell ya! So what's the big deal, you ask. Well, unfortunately, my hubby a.k.a (Mr. Fender Bender) and I a.k.a (Mrs. I do my own stunts) haven't *exactly* been the best driving role models :( As for me, I totally blame it on a rare condition I have called metal-to-the-pedalitis. Have ya heard of it??? Yup, I've got it bad ;)

I hope you all play along this week. CSC is such a fun & unique challenge blog so go for it! This is clearly a tough challenge, but I'm always wowed by what you create! You can find the tutorial for this simple card technique--->here and to download the Spiderman font --->here. Thank you Sankari & Brooke for letting me play again as guest designer :)

Thanks for peeking today! I'm off to try & get over this Bronchitis. ugggh! It's totally messed with my mojo :(
Gotta go (cough)!


  1. Karli your posts are so funny...I'm sad to say I think I'm suffering from the same condition, to the point my child yells from the back seat go go go. LOL Super cute card though and perfect for your challenge.

  2. Fab card and fun to read the thinking behind it Karli :)

  3. You have a son old enough o drive??? I am so surprised! I always love your projects- you have the greatest ideas. Congrats and good luck with Driver's Education!!!

  4. Spider Man, Spider Man, Does whatever a spider can!...OK I'll stop singing... You need to get yourself a radar investment I ever made...Vrooooom!!!!

  5. Karli, this card is such fun. Love all the details. Spiderman never looked so good!!


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