Saturday, June 6, 2009

Organization: Daubers

Hi friends,
I'm under the weather right now
- feverish, allergies acting up, body aches & just feeling icky KWIM?

But today, I wanted to share the way I organize my daubers. I love using them for many reasons-they're easy to use, give great results, easy to replace, & not messy (don't get my fingers all inky!) I used to store them in a plastic baggie, but I had to search through the whole bag to find the color
dauber I wanted. Then I came across this little case. It holds 40 daubers, each in its own little compartment. The other great thing about it is that it's clear so I can see exactly where the color I want is. I labeled each dauber with the name of the ink pad I used & pop it in the case. Voila-done!

Now it's easy to keep from accidently using a dauber on the wrong ink pad. The other great thing about this little case was the price- only $5. It's slim & space saving, it locks closed & it's easy to take along in my tote bag.

Edited to Add: You can find this case here.

Thanks so much for peeking in today! I'm off to drink some hot tea- gotta go!


  1. OOkay seriously...this is very cool. Now why wouldn't you tell bloggers where you got it?? I want one. ;-)

    Hi everyone. You can find this case here
    Any other questions, please let me know :)


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