Saturday, June 27, 2009

Organization: CD/DVD Cases

Hi friends (and Weekend Warriors!),
I wanted to share how I organize and store my Spellbinders Dies & Stamps. I love the way some companies store their stamps in CD cases. Unfortunately, they can be a little expensive if you want to purchase just the cases through them. I found these cases at Target for $3.99 for 10. (I'm sure they also carry them in all the "marts" too) So here's what I do: (click on any pic to enlarge)

open the case & remove the disk insert

I add a strip of stencil tape to hold the dies in place (plus it's cheap & it does the job!)

Because the stencil tape is not double sided, I add glue dots to the back. This way the stencil tape is strongly held to the case. (You could also use Scor-Tape or Sticky Strip)

Next, I place the dies on the stencil tape (it holds the stencils securely)

I use the packaging insert to create a cover for the other side. I secure 2 of the sides with invisible tape.

To complete it, I just print out a label with my label maker & add it to the spine.

Ta dah! All done!
You could double up & put 2 sets in one case if you wanted to.

I do the very same thing with the DVD cases that hold my oversized dies.
I keep my CC Designs, Pink Cat Studio, & Anya (The Greeting Farm) Stamps in the DVD cases as well.

Becca Feeken had a post for the DVD cases a while back. At the time I was looking for something to store my large dies & unmounted rubber stamps- so these clear DVD cases were perfect! They're not as cheap as the CD cases, but I didn't need as many of these as I did the CD cases. I'm on the prowl for cheaper ones, but the ones I've found do not have a removable tray (the tray is built into the back piece.) But if I do I'll be sure to post!

NOTE: Be sure you get the STANDARD SIZE cases NOT the slim cases for the CDs.
For the DVDs you want the Super Jewel Box King (the 9th picture/item on the page) click here

Edited to Add: Thanks to a comment left by "J" ( free image hosting ), the CD cases can be purchased here for 200 cases for $26! So if you have friends who can use them, divi them up & share the cost! Unfortunately, the DVD cases are not available with a removable tray. But I'll keep my eyes open!

What about magnetic sheets or strips? Well, I work with my Nesties near my computer & I was advised by a "tech" person, that having magnetic material near my computer was unwise. It could cause problems for my computer so I just stick with stencil tape. (no pun intended!) It works for me. But, there are many people who use magnetic sheets & that way works for them. So choose what works for you :)

Well, I hope this helps you think about simple solutions to organizing your toys. Why weekend warriors? Because some of you will be adding this to your list of to-do projects! Next weekend, I'll be sharing what I do with the Sizzix plastic cases- so don't toss them just yet!

Thanks so much peekin' today! I'm off to watch my son play at his basketball tournament- gotta go!

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  1. Great ideas! has both the CD and DVD cases without the inserts. That's where I purchase mine. I think they are around $26/100 for the CD cases. And, yes, I've already placed many orders as I store almost all of my stamps this way. Will have to order the DVD cases for my Nesties. Thanks for sharing this!


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