Saturday, December 12, 2009

Poinsettia Card-Size Tutorial

Hi friends,
I'm back with the smaller version of the poinsettia that I used on this card:

Here's What You'll Need:
Oval punch or Oval nesties (Wide oval punch- SU! works well)
Yellow Embroidery floss
Red Cardstock

As I said yesterday, I think this is a bit harder because the petals are way smaller, but give it a try. I mean if third graders can do this....right? Oh BTW, here's a peek at the 2 poinsettias so you can see the difference.

Sooooo, are you ready to get started? Here we go:

Punch out 5 ovals---> petals

Next, you'll need to perform some minor surgery. Cut the edges as shown:

You just need to cut it slightly to make it long & lean. (I think I need this surgery too ;) It doesn't have to be perfect.
NOTE: You will not get a poinsettia if you skip this step. ---> trust me :(

pinch the middles (this will help the assembly)

Now comes a hard part. Hold a pinched petal between your fingers & put a second one next to that one, another one next to that one, and continue until you have all 5 gathered. I use a mini clothespin to help hold it while I work with it. See pic?

Now take a piece of floss (like 8") and wind it across the top to the back

Start weaving the floss in between & across the petals alternating ends. When done, tie the ends in the back and spread the petals as shown:
Front view:

back view:

I know, I know this looks scrawny & sickly, like a REAL poinsettia after a week in my house! but the magic is on its way friends :)

Take you finger & squish- (yes that's the technical term :) the inner most part of the petals. This creates the magic :)

Oooooooh! Ahhhhhhh! Much better :)  Except for that unflattering shot of my thumb! Eeek! I have pretty hands, REALLY!!!

Here it is in full bloom:

Back view:

Trim the floss & you're done! All you need to do is add any embellies you'd like. I punched out a 5 petal punch (SU!) & trimmed it to add leaves to my poinsettia. I also added gold beads to the center for added detail. Another thing you can do is run the petals through your embossing folder to add texture. It gives it a beautiful look as well.

That's it! Stick a fork in this one---> it's done! Hope you like it :) Remember that you can always go back to yesterday's tut to see any of the steps enlarged.

Thanks so much for peekin' at my tut today! Only 1 more week until I'm off for Winter Break. CAN"T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!! but I've got LOADS to do, so...
Gotta Go!


  1. I love this project- it is very very pretty and i love the card with the swirls- and the Mojo sketch! TFS

  2. hey, nice tutorial! thanks for sharing. :)


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