Saturday, December 5, 2009

Organization: Copic Ciao Markers

Hey there friends,
Today I thought I'd share how I organize my Copic Ciaos. I have labeled them & organized them by color families.

I did this with my Ciaos because I like being able to see the name/number of the marker. That's one thing I LOVE about the Sketch markers- the name & number are printed right on the caps. 
The deets:

I printed the chart from here on White Cardstock & I used the broad tip to make one broad stroke in color. Print it out in the same paper you usually use to color your images. This way, you'll have the same color tones because papers differ manufacturer to manufacturer.

I organized my markers based on the chart. I divided my markers by the 4 boxes. (I wanted to keep them in the boxes they came in.) For example, if I want BV09 I can go straight to "Box B" and find that marker quickly. This also helps me to know where to put it back as well. 

The deets continued:
I typed out the numbers in a word doc, printed it out on white cardstock, punched each out with the 5/16" hand punch, & adhered them to the top of the caps with mini glue dots. I did that to the end with the gray band. This is the brush tip side which I use 99% of the time. This way I know to open this side of the marker. The 5/16" circles fit absolutely perfectly & the mini glue dots are super strong so these are there to stay! 
Yes, this did take about 2 hours to do, but I'm soooooo glad I did! It makes my coloring life so much easier!
Here's the final result:

Now for a little background & a very important question: So are you Team Sketch or Team Ciao??? I'm very fortunate to have both Sketch & Ciaos, but I opted to get the entire collection of Ciaos. Why? Well, after speaking with a Copic Rep at a store (and asking her a bazillion questions) I decided Ciaos would be better for me. Here are the main reasons why I'm Team Ciao:
1) Cost (they're cheaper -about half the price- because they hold less ink---> the SAME ink, just less). I use different mediums for coloring, so I don't always use markers.

2) Colors (She said Ciao colors were selected based on the best selling/most popular sketch colors) So I figured I wouldn't be getting any duds :) I also like the fact that it's not SO MANY colors. I get intimidated by too much. I'm speaking from my Prisma pencil experience. I own the 132 colors "Big Daddy Set" and when I open the box, I get a bead of sweat forming on my brow when I see so many shades of color to chose from. Ciaos come in 144 colors, Sketch come in 322 + new released. Even though I "only" have 144 colors I have not used many of them! If there's a particular color I would use a lot, not in the Ciao collection, I'd buy it individually. (Remember my skin & hair collection---> here).

3) Safety: If you notice, the Ciaos have little vents along the cap. See?

That makes it child-safe. If a child accidently swallows a cap, he/she will still be able to breathe. Not so for the sketch. My boys are older so *hopefully* this isn't an issue, but it's nice to know this feature is there.

4) Can use the ABS: I HAVE used my Ciaos in the ABS (Air Brush System) by simply adding a couple of foam squares in the ABS chamber. You can find several videos on You Tube on how people have done that (which is where I learned to do that :)

5) Both share many of the same features: both refillable, both have replaceable nibs, both use the same ink, get the same results- quality, and have the same shelf life.

NOTE: I'M NOT TELLING YOU WHAT YOU SHOULD GET OR THAT ONE KIND IS BETTER THAN THE OTHER! I'M JUST SHARING THE REASONS THAT LED TO MY DECISION TO CHOSE THE CIAO COMPLETE COLLECTION. I happen to like the shape of the barrel of the Sketch, but the Ciao round barrel doesn't bother me like it does other people. So enjoy whichever you decide on :)

***I've bought my markers from Carpe Diem Store. They've got great prices (and when they have sales---> they have amazing sales!) they're a local store, & they've always been helpful & nice :)

I hope this inspires you to think of ways to organize your markers & not have Sketch envy anymore! (Hee hee!) Speaking of Copics... I'm off to a Coloring & techniques class at my LSS. After all, the key to coloring with Copics is lots & lots of practice. Knowing techniques is gravy baby. 
Gotta Go!

Oh, of course I'm sharing, friends! :) click here for the Copic Ciao Chart & the Numbers List I created  you can download. 
COPIC Ciao Number Labels 1


  1. love how you organized these... I have both too. I only have a small collection now but try to get the Sketch ones in the colors I use all the time like skin tones and the ciaos for my accent colors.

  2. Thankyou so much for sharing this! I'm going to be getting my first sets of Copic Ciaos (copic markers period!) come Christmas. I too use different coloring mediums so this is really good to know. I'm going to save the charts and numbers to my desktop. I really appreciate it!

  3. Oops! forgot to add...I'm a HUGE Hello Kitty fan too and I'm 42 y/o. LOL ;0)

  4. Wow, thanks for sharing!
    For the longest time I have been looking for a way to show me on top what Ciao it is. This will work out great!

  5. Thanks for a great idea for labeling the markers. I have already started doing this. I store my copies upright, so this works perfectly for me.



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