Thursday, December 31, 2009

My Buddy's Keeper

Hello friends,
Wowzers!!! Thanks so much for your comments on the Gift Card Buddies :) Got your gift card buddy? Fab! Now let's make a place for them to hang until it's time to go shopping. Here's...
"My Buddy's Keeper"

It's a hanging pocket organizer for your gift card buddies :) You need a place to keep them all organized right? So let's get on with the deets!

Here's what you'll need:
standard size (A2) envelopes. As many as you have GC buddies
Adhesive of choice
Dowel or pencil

So here's how easy it is to put together:
Click on any pic to get a closer peek :)
Adhere your envelope's flap to the bottom of the next envelope

(The flap is on the underside) This creates the pockets.

Adhere a (9") dowel to the top flap. Fold flap over the dowel. You are applying adhesive to the flap itself.

If you don't have a dowel, a new pencil would work perfectly. You can wrap some Patterned paper around it to coordinate with your project & to hide the fact that it's a pencil :)

Decorate as desired.
I used different CB embossing folders that coordinated with each buddy.

(Click on the pic to see a closer peek of the embossing)
1st Pocket: Hello Kitty EF (set of 3) I only used the 2 smaller ones
2nd pocket: Textile texture
3rd pocket: Tiny Bubbles
4th pocket: Stars
The alpha monogram on each was made with the Jasmine Cricut Cart

Next, Add ribbon so that you're able to hang it. Tie a strong knot to each end. I made separate bows & adhered them with glue dots. I can't make mine too frilly 'cause I'm in a house full of boys.

So simple, but now you'll always know where your cards are at :) I doubled up on the gift cards so that mine actually holds 12 (most of them Starbucks! Hee! Hee!) so they do hold more than 4 or 6.

To keep everyone honest ;) we write the person's initials on the corner of the gift card with a Sharpie. We do get duplicate cards & this way we DO know who they belong to.

Ok, so that's the end of my tuts for this year :) Thanks so much for your comments on each of the tuts I've created. I'm still undecided about which video camera to get, but I look forward to bringing some video tutorials in 2010! Yaaay! I love video tuts! If you'd like to suggest a camera you like/use let me hear it, won't you!  I would like to make a decision soon :)

YMH has Cricut & Cuttlebug supplies, so if there's something you'd like, you can check them out ---> here.

Have a Happy New Year! and as always, thanks so much for peeking at my projects. I hope you like them enough to want to give them a try :) See ya next year Friends!!!


  1. Another fun idea, gosh you have a lot of gift cards to store lol!

    Happy New Year!

  2. What a cute idea!! You could even do something like that to hold pictures. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Thanks for sharing another awesome idea!

  4. You are a genius! :) LOVE this idea!

  5. very clever and thanks for another creative tutorial. Can't wait to see videos too.

  6. I like this idea, too. I think I need to have you come over and help me get organized, LOL! You crack me up too with writing the initals on the gc to "keep everyone honest" too funny! Hope you and your family have a wonderful New Year. Looking forward to many more tutorials from you in 2010.

  7. Oh so creative and practical.

    Happy New Year!

  8. Karli, I love the way you compose your posts. Great idea and I love the "deets"..LOL It feels very comfortable to read your blog. :)

  9. That is way cute and practical. Your tutorials are always so effective and helpful, I'd love to see you on video. BTW, I just got a Flip HD for Christmas and hubby got a Vado HD (which is similar to the flip) I haven't had a chance to do any editing or uploading to youtube with either yet, but they are both very user friendly when it comes to filming and playback on your computer. HTH

  10. Super neat idea, I was just thinking this would also be a fab idea for kids stuff and activities, the "activity" keeper!

    Love how you blinged it out, the details are so great!

  11. Wow- this is great- you are really getting alot done over break! This is such a great idea- love your project!

  12. What a great idea and sooo beautifully done!


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