Saturday, March 16, 2013

Organization: Prismacolor Pencils

Hi friends,
Today, I'm sharing how I organize my Prisma pencils. I have looked high and low for something that would allow me easy access to all of the pencils but just hadn't found anything that worked for me--- until I went into my son's room! He had a crayon caddy that no longer held all the crayons it originally came with. So I permanently borrowed it for my Prismas & it was JUST what I was looking for *Ü*
Here's what it looks like:

I made another quick video for you to check out all of the deets.
Note: I still have a cold so I sound a couple of octaves off!

or you can watch it on YouTube--->  HERE

I downloaded this color chart from a Prisma Forum & could not find it when I went back to look. It was created by "Scarleta" and I thought it was perfect.

Download Prisma Pencil Color Chart

and yes, I bought my son a big box of crayons since I permanently borrowed his crayon caddy!
Thanks for peeking!


  1. You are putting me to shame with all your craft room organization :)

    Thanks for sharing your tips.

  2. This is a great- I am far too anal to take mine out of the tin...I keep the color charts in the lid of the tin and have a SU comparison chart in it as well..... Truthfully, my desktop is too messy all of the time to have something else sitting on top of it.....


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