Monday, September 30, 2013

Kleenex Box Cover

Hi friends,
I have a crafty project for ya today. I've been wanting to make a cover for the Kleenex box in my classroom for a loooong time! I finally made one, quick & easy & with the help of my fave
Here it is:
 I thought this school subject paper (from Mike's) was perfect for the box cover.

Here's a peek of it from the top:

Can you see how the "Spanish" is popped up? *Ü*
 This was one of the awesome projects from the Back to the Books svg collection. It covers a standard size rectangular tissue box.

We always need tissues in the classroom. What a nice gift this would be to send along to your child's teacher along with a few refills *Ü* That will definitely get you closer to that A+!

That's it for now.


  1. I would love an A+! This is the coolest project- and your DP is absolutely perfect for it!!! My poor Cricut sits in its box.....! The apple with your name- perfect finishing touch!

  2. Perfect paper! Love the popped-up 'Spanish' and the personalized apple.

  3. What a perfect teacher's tissue box cover! I can see that having a cutting machine opens up all kinds of new worlds of crafting. Of course you have to have your talent to put them all together. Thanks for sharing!

  4. totally sweet tissue box cover...I love always your creation dear Karli and this is really sweet creation...hugs...


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