Sunday, September 16, 2012

Thermos be a TEACHER in tha house!

Hi ya crafty friends,
Yes, it's me---> finally! It's been a buuuuusy past 3 months, and I have missed visiting my blog friends, but I'm finally able to share some crafty concoctions & will be able to visit my crafty blog pals again!

I know that Back to School time has come & gone, but rest assured that teachers welcome & appreciate your gifts anyday of the week... and twice on Friday! So I'm here to give you some more ideas for making your way to an A+ year :)

I haven't had a lot of time to work on crafts, so all of the projects I will share this week were pretty easy to make.

So the first project I'd like to share, I call... Teacher's Thermos.
Here it is:
 Soooo, do my embellies give you a clue about what's inside??? Hmmm... let's see... the tag reads, You're a "souper" teacher and there's a little spoon hanging from it...

No more suspense. Here's what's inside:
 A cup of soup & a pack of oyster crackers. This would be souper for that quick lunch teachers usually have time for.  That's an appetizer spoon, so not really for using, although you could....

How 'bout another idea! Here's another thermos I made with a different theme and for a High School teacher.
The tag reads, You "perk" up learning.
 Did you notice the arrow pointing to "Spanish?" Woo Woo! Perfect paper for HS, don't ya think?

Here's what's inside:
 It's got a coffee packet, a variety of sugar packets, creamers, and a stirrer (you could totally add a cookie to make it more complete.)
These would be perfect to send with your kiddo the day after Back to School Night. You could enclose a little note about how you appreciate the extra time they were at school preparing for a great night for parents and being there into the evening. That will get you some extra credit points, let me tell ya ;)

The thermos measure 7 1/4" tall. I created them with an svg file from the Camp Smore collection from svgcuts. This project could be easily adapted even if you don't have access to cutting svg files. Stay tuned...

You can buy this file at svgcuts---> Here.

I've got more ideas coming this week! Hope that you'll find something to inspire you!
Gotta Go!


  1. I love your thermos projects and gift ideas....and the great gift ideas...also your funny title! Oh Carly- my daughter graduated and is in China teaching English....for a year. Are there jobs there for new teachers? I hope you have great classes and that your school year is wonderful!

  2. Welcome back! Today's fun post and great projects were definitely worth the wait! The thermoses are super cute and a fab teacher idea. I can picture them in other themesgifts as well, i.e. hot chocolate for an ice skating party. tfs this super idea.

  3. Hi Karli,
    So nice to receive your post today! Hope you have started the new school year well and that your sons have also had a good start.
    I just love these thermos ideas. You are right -- any teacher would be thrilled with them. Thanks for always reminding people about how hard teachers work and how thrilled they are to be apreciated.
    I don't have an electronic cutter, but love these projects.


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