Friday, September 21, 2012

Teacher's Lunchbox

Hi friends,
Today I have another idea for Teacher appreciation. I absolutely luuuv this one :)
Here it is:
A Teacher's Lunchbox
It is modeled after a kid's lunchbox. It's decorated with a globe, pencil (where you could add the teacher's name for personalization), and a 3D paper airplane.

Here's a peek from the side:
Now for what's inside :)
coke, chips ahoy, & kettle corn popcorn... yes, please :)

 or for a more health conscious choice: water, granola bar, & very berry hibiscus drink mix (yum!)

 Fill it with anything you'd like: treats for the tummy or treats for the classroom- like school supplies. We're always in need of those.

And if you think that schools provide supplies we need for the classroom... think again. In my department, for example, we got ZERO supplies this year. Not even a box of staples. I even had to purchase my own LCD projector & doc camera because they didn't have one for me this year (it was given to another teacher in a more "important" department.) And so that expense came out of my own pocket :(  and no, it isn't entirely tax-deductable and with my tax situation that doesn't really help. grrrrr

So if you want to make one of these lunchboxes:
feel free to send it to me! ;)

The lunchbox is another cuuuute svg file from svgcuts called Miss Baker's Classroom found---> HERE.

Thanks for peeking & for letting me vent a bit ;)
Gotta go!


  1. Oh how cute! This sure brings back memories.

  2. Cute lunch box. Didn't know that about supplies. Maybe make a change donation jar for your desk :)

  3. This lunchbox is fabulous Karli. Wish I could send you the cash box as pictured! I can't believe you have had to purchase this piece of equipment! Yikes -- things are really bad there. We have to purchase a lot, however, I don't think anyone has been forced to buy an LCD projector and doc camera! What would happen if you refused or couldn't afford it?

  4. WOW- love this project and how cool to get it filled with goodies....$$$ would be even better. Seriously- you have to buy your own supplies???? That is terrible!


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