Friday, September 3, 2010

DT- Cotton Candy Anyone???

Hello my friends,
It's been a crazy, busy week! I started with my new school kiddos & I think that after 15 years of teaching, THIS is the group that's gonna drive me to drink! LOL. Ok... just kidding---> I hope! :0  I still have a couple more teacher gifts to share- I haven't forgotten :) & the last 2 ideas/gifts, are practical & cute, IMHO ;)

Today, I have a card I have been dying to make! I saw the card style on SCS & fell in love, but it looked a bit complicated so I didn't rush to make one. Dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb... duuuuuumb! This card is a 10 minute card (if that)- SOOOOO easy, & super fun!- Luuuv it!
Here's my card:
Most of the cards I saw were ice cream parlor cards, & I was going to do that since I had this cute Sundae Cone Snag' em stamp.

But seeing the "cone" reminded me of the paper wrap on cotton candy- so that's what I went with :) I mean any chance to play with fun flock must be taken, right?!
Here's a peek of the side:
I decided to really make them pop by coating the ice cream part with glue & adding the flock to create the cotton candy look---> and FEEL too :) I cut a slit into the CS & tucked them in so they would be more 3D.

Design credit for this card style is given to Lorri Heiling and a video tut can be found---> HERE. Note: You'll need a card base that's 4 1/4" x 11" scored in half (5 1/2"). It's not mentioned on either blog that I saw, so I thought I'd let you know.

Thanks so much for peeking today! Remember to grab the Snag 'Em stamps at the YMH store.
Hope your weekend is yummy :)


  1. Oh my gosh Karli, this card is a HIT! I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! Caught my eye right away! I just discovered your blog a few days ago, so now I check it regularly! Thanks for the SHOUT, too, by the way!! You are a VERY CREATIVE GAL! Your kids are BLESSED to have you as their teacher!

  2. Wow is this cute. Never would guess its only a 10 minute card looks complicated :) Love the cotton candy from an ice cream cone.

  3. How fun! Super idea to turn the ice cream into cotton candy w/fun flock!

  4. YUMMY!!!! I love this card, sooooo cute.

  5. Clever card! I just adore cotton candy! Hubby takes me to all of the fairs just to buy some!

  6. Just tooooo cute, Karli! You always share the most innovative ideas! Hope you have a restful and blessed holiday weekend! And good luck with your class this year! I really admire your tenacity! I don't think I could handle a class of today's kids! Love and hugs!!!

  7. This is a super fun card! So youthful and whimisical!

  8. What a clever card, so cute! Really clever way to use flocking
    Good luck with your new class;)

  9. what a fun idea and I love how you put it all together

  10. oh my, Karli! You are the most creative person I know. This is so super-super great. Loving that flock :)


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