Friday, September 10, 2010

DT- Birthday Concentration

Hi friends,
Today I have a super simple little project for ya- the simplest I've ever come up with! Do you ever look at your DP & aren't sure how you want to use it? Me- pretty much every time I pick some up :) This time it actually came to me like a flash. I had this super cute DP from Imaginisce called All Kinds of Happy & i asked myself, "Future Mrs. Depp, what could you do with this paper?" I had a birthday card to make for a little girl- but a card wasn't calling my name. Then I thought of making a game out of it! Concentration is the name!

The Deets:
I took my 2" (XL) circle punch & punched out around the happy birthday to create disks:
I ended up with 20 disks/cards 4 each of 5 different images. (I had a few leftover to decorate the packaging ;) That's it! Now, you're ready to play!!!

So, do ya want to see how to play??? GAME ON!!! You first...
Mix up the cards & put them in 4 rows of 5. (You'll notice that this paper is double sided so that makes it work even more perfectly!)
Now you pick 2 cards & turn them over.
You got...
 a cake and a cupcake. Awww, sorry that's not the same.
My turn...
a cupcake & a cupcake! A matching pair!!! I keep those cards & go again...

confetti & confetti! Another matching pair!!! So we would continue playing until I had won... er.... someone wins ;)

I'll share how I'm gifting this next week---> same bat time, same bat channel! Hope this inspires you to take another look at your DP. You can find this paper & the coordinating stamps, paper, & accessories at the YMH Store.

Friends, you may not be seeing me for a while--- I have some news for ya. As you know, I teach 3rd grade. Well, I got a phone call from HR at my district letting me know that (due to low enrollment at my school) I'm being transferred to another school. Buuuuuuuuut... not just any school.... a HIGH SCHOOL!!! Because in addition to having a multiple subjects credential, I also have a single subject credential in Spanish. Since they needed a Spanish teacher & I was being displaced & had a Spanish teaching credential---> I was being sent to the High School. Have I taught High School before? No. Only what I needed for my credential (student teaching). I have taught elementary for 15 years so this will be a huge change for me. But I HAVE a job still & have to remember that. Tomorrow is my last day at the school I've been to for 10 years and I'm sad. I leave behind the best colleagues & friends I've ever known. I leave kiddos I've had for nearly 2 weeks. Monday I have to pack up my belongings, Tuesday the district movers will move my stuff to my new school and Wednesday I start at the HS. By the way, Back to School night is Thursday. We'll see how that goes! LOL! I have a job... I have a job... I have a job....

Anyhoo, thanks for peeking today.
Gotta go!


  1. Good Luck on your new adventure :) What a cute idea for this dp.

  2. Thinking happy thoughts for you and your move.My niece was also displaced and now teaches at 2 schools, one am K and one pm K when she has been a sp ed teacher for 8 years. Like you, dear coworkers and students left behind, but she does have a job. Good Luck for a smooth transition.
    Kathy T

  3. No Karli - "say it ain't so" I only just found you after seeing a post on SCS and you are an amazing resource for great teacher pick me ups. Please don't stop doing what I Love :)

  4. Best wishes on your new teaching assignment. You will be a great high school Spanish teacher.

  5. That is a really awesome project! love your alternative use of the paper.
    So sorry to hear of your job displacement. If it helps any to hear this, my SIL was a middle school teacher, who got moved to the high school and she liked it better (of course middle school is still very different from 3rd graders)

  6. what a fun idea for this paper. can't wait to see how you gift it.

    good luck with the new position. I teach 9th graders and they are different. It's a nice challenge (most of the time).

  7. Wow! Good luck with the move. I've taught 5th grade for 25 years, and I think that if they told me to move to High School, I'd keel over. (I have a High School Math certification--gulp!) You obviously have a very positive mindset, which will go a long way. Chin up! (You have a job...)

  8. Thank you everyone for your encouraging words. I really appreciate it :) Big hugs

  9. Hi Karli, I want to wish you good luck and all the best for your new job.


  10. Very cool project. I have lots of older dsp that could be transformed into a game like this.

    Holy moly, that is quite a switch, and after two weeks, bummer for your third graders. But I know, you will do a great job with those HS students. You have such a fun and warm personality, you will be great for HS. Good luck to you, and let us know how it goes.


  11. FANTASTIC idea Karli! I just love it!!!!! And yes, definately will be looking at the paper in a different way. Thanks dear Mrs. Depp :) (love it).
    I know it will be so sad to leave the school you've been at for 10 years, and I'm sorry to hear that you have to say goodbye! Good luck with your new job! I know you're going to be awesome in that position as well. It will be a new exciting challeng (I'm sure), but you're so great with everything you do and I know you'll do amazing!!!
    Please come back soon :) Even if it is just to keep us posted on how things are going.
    Big HUGS!!!!

  12. Wow! I bet that blows your mind. But change is a good thing. God moves us from our "comfort zone" so he can use us in a different way. No telling who's life you will touch. Now you can be crative in a different light. and you probably thought that when you got your credentials in spanish you would just to it because...Now you see why.
    By the way - Love the DP matching game. Can't wait to see how you package it. Thanks for sharing and All the best to you in High School.

  13. How fun....I love that you made a game out of the paper!


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