Friday, April 9, 2010

Video Tutorial News & Cricut Cake!

Hello friends,
I have finally taken the video plunge (since I finally got over my bronchitis!) I got an HD Flip camera (Thanks for the suggestion Kristina :) & it's been very easy to use. But loading the video takes a loooong time :( Is that like normal??? I've made 3 video tuts and I'm finishing up 2 more. I've been really nervous while making these, but I do appreciate the feedback. I would love to hear your comments & ways I can improve. One funny thing about watching myself on video is that I sound kinda calm. I'm SOOO not like that IRL! I'm kinda hyper, so maybe I have this whole other mellow personality on camera! (Hee! Hee!) Anyhoo, here are the videos I've posted so far:

Heart Pocket Card
Diagonal Double Pocket card with 2 versions
Monogram Card Folio

Enabler news: The Cricut Cake machine will be world launched on HSN on the 14th. I'm not expecting to buy it, but I can't wait to see the presentation. There will be several presentations throughout the day.

That's it for now----> Oh WAIT!!! Just a heads up... my 1 year Blogoversary will be in just a few days & you won't want to miss it... I'm just sayin'....
Thanks for peeking!
Gotta Go!


  1. I just wanted to let you know that it is totally normal for it to take a really long time to upload your videos. I usually set mine to upload over night so I'm not waiting on it (cuz it makes my computer virtually useless while it's loading) I had asked around to other video makers when I encountered this, same answer from all of them.

  2. Karli, I just watched all three videos. Thanks for taking the time to make them. Loved seeing you make the projects and hearing your voice.

    btw, next week I'll be announcing my 2nd blogerversary.


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