Friday, November 6, 2009

If I only had a Brain

Hi friends, 
The first Friday of every month, the teachers at my school have a "Goodie Day." This is where we bring goodies (food) to share with the rest of the teachers & set it out in the Teacher's Lounge. November is Third Grade's turn so I created a few hand scrapped decorations. Here are a couple of the decorations I created:

I thought they turned out pretty cute! I bought these mini-scarecrows at Mikes for 75% off, so they came out to like 35 cents each. 

Here's a closer peek at each one:

But guess what? They're not standing on any ordinary bale of hay- noooooooo! That bale of hay is actually a box filled with more treats! Wanna see how I did it? Here's a quickie tutorial for ya:

I used the Sizzix Box #2 Die & die cut the box out of cardstock & out of the straw paper. (BTW, I bought the straw paper at Auntie JoAnn's.)

Next, I cut out only the faces of the box from the straw paper. (Faces are the flat surfaces of a shape- my 3rd graders know this :) ... I hope 'cause it's on the test!!! :{

Adhere the pieces to the cardstock box base as shown:

Assemble your box as you normally would. I punched a hole (largest) with my Crop-a-dile on the lid where the scarecrow's stick would go through. Then I filled the box with candy corn.

I added the pumpkins to the top of the box (with craft glue dots, so I don't think those will be edible now.) But, we are talking about the teachers at my school, so you never know! The box does open, so make sure you don't glue down the top tab.

Thanks for peeking at my little scarecrows. I'm off to get all the other goodies packed & ready to go. I luuuv goodie day!
Gotta go!


  1. That paper looks so real. Awesome boxes. These would also be great on the Thanksgiving dinner table.

  2. the teachers will love this cute and clever idea

  3. This is such a great project! You come up with some really cute projects!!!

  4. OMG! How fabulous!! I thought the straw was real!! Love the candy pumpkins you used!!

  5. I love love love this box. You did a great job! Thanks for sharing the tutorial with us.

  6. Great job! I thought those haybales were real- until I looked much closer!! LOVE what you did with these little guys!!!

  7. I just love your blog. Such talent. I've given you 2 awards!! you can pick them up on my blog @ they are on the lower right hand side of blog. Your creations are just gorgeous.


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