Thursday, June 27, 2013


Hi ya friends!
Sometime around my birthday my blog hit 500 followers---> which is crazy cool! WOW!!! I mentioned before that it was a traumatic birthday year since the old age odometer rolled over to a two-digit number ending in zero that we don't need to mention out loud, much like "he who must not be named." Ya feel me? Sooooo, since each of those events (500 followers & my age) is a biggie, I thought I would offer up some blog candy so huge, I had to call my friend, Oprah, to help me bring it out:
Thanks, Oprah! You're a doll *Ü*

So I'm not going to reveal what those gifts are, but let's say it's a whole lot of my favorite crafty things!!!

Here are a few things you should know:

1) This blog candy, unlike any other before it, is open to friends (followers) ONLY. (cuz that's what we're celebrating, right?!) So if you're one of those 500+, you're in!

2) This is open to all of my friends---> WORLDWIDE!!! Yup, that means my friends from afar are in!

3) There is a limit of one comment per friend. So, to keep it fair, please only leave ONE comment.

4) You've got 40 HOURS in which to leave a comment! That means this offer goes away at exactly 11:59 p.m. on Saturday June 29th. (PST) and the winner will be announced on Sunday.

Now, you can comment about whatever you'd like, but if you're up for the challenge, I have a couple of questions inquiring minds want to know....
What are your beauty secrets?  (That you're willing to share ;)
What products or tips can you share that you think are your best beauty defense & offense?

I have a few strategies in my beauty regimen: (if you want to know...)
1) I never go to bed with make-up on
2) Exfoliate & moisturize!
3) Sunscreen! My make-up has it built in so I find that helps a lot *Ü*
4) Work with young people! They can be so interesting, funny, & spontaneous. They keep me on my toes!
5) Be Happy! In whatever way that means to you. I know life isn't always kind, and sometimes things get rough---> trust me, I know! But I think if the first lines on my face are laugh lines, I've done something right! *Ü*

I truly feel it an honor & a privilege that you follow my blog. Especially when you consider that I'm not part of any Design Teams so I'm not promoting or selling anything--->  just a little enabling...maybe ;) wink. I hope that you find the moments you spend here to bring you grins & giggles and a bit of inspiration to try something too.

500+ THANKS to YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Happy Birthday Karli! My beauty secret that I just discovered 2 months ago & I love it is "Glamglow" facial mask the white jar...OMGosh it's youth in a jar (that's coming from a 60+ yr. old & yes I'm still upset about that #), you can get it at Amazon for $35. better than paying $69. & it's well worth the money. I use it twice a week & my pores are smaller & my skin is so soft & makes me feel 10 years younger.

  2. Congrats!!
    Well, I "try" to be healthy with my skin. I do always wear a moisturizer with sunscreen (Simple brand). I have the Josie Moran organic aragan oil. You can use mostly anywhere in your body.
    Simple routine but it works for me.

  3. Congratulations my friend!!!
    500....what a number. But I'm not surprised, because I love your projects myself. ;-)

    Beauty tips, huh? Well, I'm afraid I don't have any. I just use water and mild soap on my skin and since I don't wear a lot of make-up, I don't really need many "extras".
    The only thing I love to do for dry lips, is to put honey on it. It works great. And tastes good. =)


  4. Happy bday and congrats on 500!! Honestly I don't have any beauty tips, I rarely wear make up any more! :) Love your blog and I get your posts by email and love to see what you've been up to!!

  5. Happy Birthday!! I rarely wear make-up but here is a tip that does really work. It does sound... Well.. Lets say odd to most people but here goes nothing my secret is out. Wash my face then I put Preparation H on my face then my make-up. Preparation H not only tighten up the skin on the face but it helps to moisturize! I learned this tip from my cousin who has been doing this for many many years!!

  6. Cogratulations on 500 and a milestone birthday Kari! You blog is a delight! Beauty secret, smile. Everyone looks better with a smile :)

  7. Happy happy birthday! 500...Awesome! The only "beauty tip" I have is to keep your skin moisturized. Thanks for the chance to win!

  8. Believe it or not, your five beauty secrets are also my five!

  9. Happy birthday. Can't say I have any beauty secrets. In fact, I seem to be on the look out for them too :)

  10. Happy Birthday! Love seeing all your gorgeous creations!
    Hmm... beauty secrets- I have a lot of things I SHOULD do, but ahem...fave products:
    Burts Bees lip balm, original; Clinique Moisturizer (yellow one), Paul Mitchell Awapuhi shampoo, and homemade sugar scrub for body/hands - gets all the ink and paint off!

  11. Happy birthday and congrats on the massive 500 followers sweetie. Hugs xNx

  12. Happy birthday and thank you for all of the inspiration. Always take makeup off before bed, moisturize, drink lots of water, and sunscreen.

  13. Happy Birthday, Karli, and CONGRATULATIONS on your
    WONDERFUL blog. I look forward to seeing it. My beauty secret, I just make sure my skin in clean and moisturize.

  14. Congratulations on both your birthday and reaching 500 followers. I don't really have a beauty regimen. I typically don't wear makeup and don't ever remember to use the wrinkle cream like I'm supposed to. I've always had the philosophy of your as old as you think you are. So I keep myself young by thinking and feeling young. As I get older, though, I'm finding my hair is getting curly like it was when I was little. Yay!

  15. Happy Belated Birthday and Happy Blogoversary Karli! I so enjoy receiving your posts and love your sense of humour and creativity.
    Not sure if I have any great beauty tips but here goes:
    What are your beauty secrets? (That you're willing to share ;) Drink lots of water and get adequate sleep, laugh at life.
    What products or tips can you share that you think are your best beauty defense & offense?
    Use moisturizer and sunscreen (and maybe Botox)!

  16. Happy, happy birthday, Karli! And congratulations on 500 followers!!! I love your blog and I haven't been commenting as much as I should, but I DO check it out often!! You are such a talented person- and I am in awe of your creations!

    In regards to beauty secrets- I, too, am always on the look out for new tips. If I had to pick one, I think water is a key...stay hydrated!!

  17. Happy Birthday angel, I passed the "0" birthday 8 years ago. Life can ravage beauty just because it is so complex. My husband has terminal brain cancer and I began to see the stress of that reality in the mirror. It no longer shows, my beauty secret...Let go and let God, there no no better beauty treatment. Carry ones self with Class, Craft with Class and embrace joy.

  18. Congratulations on 500 followers and on being featured this week on PCL.

    I follow your 1-3 and 5 'beauty rules' too. I'll add that a good eye cream is essential and mani/pedis a must.

    Happy (belated) Birthday! I have a 0 rolling around this year too :(

  19. Happy birthday Karli and congrats on your 500 followers. My beauty secret? Coconut oil for moisturizing face, hands and body. This is a miracle simple as that... no more fuss on high price cream.
    Have a great weekend

  20. Many happy returns to you. I really enjoy your blog. Joani. Tulsa, OK

  21. Happy Birthday to You!!!! My best beauty tip is to let go of stress.

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