Saturday, February 23, 2013

Tags of 2013- February

Hi there friends,
I haven't had much time for crafting, and honestly, I haven't had much mojo to work with. I guess I better start 'splaining....
It all started back in January with a lock down at my school. There was a report of a possible shooting attack so we were on lock down for 6 hours. That rattled the nerves, but the situation was handled and everything was OK.
Then 2 weeks ago, my family & I went to Big Bear for our annual snowboarding trip. To make a LOOONG story shorter, while we were in our loft, we received a phone call telling us the sheriffs were waiting for us outside the door. Someone reported seeing Christopher Dorner in our loft! We were to come out hands up, with IDs ready. So my husband, sons, & their friends (who were there with us) came out to meet nearly a dozen sheriffs, with assault rifles pointed directly at us. I had a million & one thoughts in my head at that moment! Some were of concern for our safety & others just straight stupid stuff!!! Here's an example of the stupid stuff: While we were coming out of the loft, hands up (& no shoes on in the snow by the way), there were helicopters flying above us. What came to my mind was "OMG, my students are going to see me on the news!!! How embarrassing! plus I look a HOT MESS!" Then I look down & notice I'm wearing my "Keep Calm & Kill Zombies" T-shirt in honor of the return of the Walking Dead tv show that night. So I thought, "Why did I wear THIS shirt with "KILL" in huge letters!!!---> stoops, right?! Well, after they went in & checked everything out, we were released & allowed to go back in. Needless to say, we packed up our stuff & flew off the mountain! I wish I could tell you I embellished this detail or that, but this is exactly what happened. So you may be asking:
Question: "why would you go to Big Bear knowing there's a crazy on the loose?"
Ans: We called the resort ahead of time & asked if it WAS safe & they assured us it was. In fact, they said, they were scaling back on police because they didn't think he was still in the area.
Question: How did the boys respond or feel about the frightening situation?
Ans: They complained all the way home about how it was the worst vacation ever since they didn't get to snowboard or do anything else---> since we left early" Forget the fact that we were all safe & unharmed! Ugh...teenagers!
So that's been my January & February :(  I hope March brings me the luck of the Irish because I need some! So that's why my crafty mojo hasn't been around lately....
Before we left for Big Bear, I did get to play along for Tim's Tag for this month. Once again, I didn't have much of the supplies he used, so I had to use what I had & substitute.
Here's my tag:
I didn't have Tim's Queen of Hearts blueprint image stamp, but I remembered I had a similar one from SU.
Here's a closer peek:
I did the same techniques of watercolor as Tim. I did draw the "blueprint" lines to match his *Ü*

I don't know how I have so MUCH of his stuff & yet, I don't have anything when it's time to create his tags??? Ah well, I'll keep subbing til I get lucky...

Thanks for peeking today. Hope to get back on the crafty horse soon!


  1. Omgosh Karli!!! How scary for you. My Grandma had a cabin up in Big Bear, many years ago. I'm so glad you are safe with both the lockdown and the with the incident at the loft. I think you've had enough excitement for awhile! Thanks for all of your get well wishes, I'm slowly on the mend!

    Big Hugs,


    PS Love the tags!

  2. Oh my goodness- what a crazy time you have had! Hopefully you can all go somewhere later on and have a real relaxing trip! Great tag too!

  3. OMGosh Karli! How awful. Two frightening and nerve-wracking experiences are two too many. I am so glad that you, your family, and your school are safe.

    Great tag. It is funny how we have a ton of supplies, but never have what we need.

    Take care and relax.

  4. Oh Karli! That is horrible. I'm glad that you are all okay, but know that you all must have been disappointed at the way your vacation was ruined.
    You're right about teenagers -- although I'm sure they've been bragging about their "adventure" since they returned to school.
    Thanks for sharing your creations!

  5. OMG Karli, you poor girl, what a story! Poor kids, too, bet they were disappointed. You made me laugh about the tee shirt, though. Glad you are safe. Cute tag, too!


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