Thursday, February 7, 2013

CAS Day 1

Hello there friends,
So here I am, ready to reveal my homework (LATE) for the Clean & Simple Cards 2 online class. As they say, teachers make the worst students and i would be the proof of that since the class is on Day 9 & I'm barely posting for Day 1! Ugh... well, there are a few things I have realized about CAS cards:
1. CAS doesn't necessarily mean a 5 minute card!
2. The "Simple" part in CAS doesn't mean it's easy to make!
3. CAS leaves very little, if any, room for error. I don't likey that! If I have a ton of embellishments on my cards, it's because I have a ton of mistakes I'm covering up! *Ü*  CAS doesn't lend itself to that philosophy. It truly is my Kryptonite :(

Anyhoo, here are my cards for Day 1:
Technique Focus:
One layer cards & Masking
 For this card, I die cut a circle & used that to guide the "leaves" of the tree. I felt like it, so I decided to try it again with a bit more color.

Here's card #2:
 I no likey this one either :(  Scrap it!
Moving on to card #3:
 I did like this one best of all but I still felt like it needed something more! BUT, I forced myself to walk away & leave it alone. Look ma- one layer... sigh...

So those were my attempts at the techniques for Day 1. So am I in my comfort zone? H- E- double hockey sticks NO! Honestly, I think if I sent any of these cards to my family & friends they would wonder what was wrong with me. Maybe I should try it & find out!

 The class was good, but I am one tough cookie to crack! Speaking of cookies... now that I think about it, I don't even like CAS cookies! I like my cookies chunky & chock full of stuff! Am I hopeless or what?!  I'm off to Day 2!
Gotta Go!


  1. You are soooo funny, girl! *lol*
    Don't be so hard on you. I love your CAS cards.
    Especially the third one. Perfect! Really!
    Anything more on that card would be too much.
    Love it!

    Looking forward to see what comes next.

    Have a great weekend,

  2. I think they are all beautiful!


  3. Of your three homework assignments, I like the middle one best.

    But, let's face it, you are not a CAS kinda girl! There is nothing wrong with loading up your cards and/or cookies :)

  4. LOL....I like all of them. You are too hard on yourself. I totally agree with everything you said about CAS. They are not quick. And they are not simple even though they look simple. It's just different than what you create. I have a very hard time with CAS too, it feels too empty. But I also know nothing of balance card wise either, I'm very hit or miss. LOL But hey, you're doing something outside of your usual. No worries. I think you pulled it off. =D

  5. Great job Karli! I struggle with this type, too. I always get an inky finger print on the one layer, lol! The third one is so cool, think I'll case it. Beautiful colors and masking. Totally agree about the cookies, no CAS ones for me, same with ice cream, load it with chunks of goodness, lol!


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