Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Yummy Mummy

Hi ya friends,
Sorry I'm late posting today's project & tute. I have to admit I've been very distracted by all the horror movies on tv right now (being so close to Halloween :) and of course, the return of The Walking Dead---> LUUUUV it! So glad the walkers are back! No worries, there are no spoiler alerts needed today (I learned from last season with spoiling Sofia being in the barn ;(
Today I have the next candy bar card making it's debut.
Here it is:
 Say Hola to Mr. Mummy, all wrapped up in gauze. He uses the same card base as Frankie but I decided to turn this one into a pull one.
See? Look at the innies:

Pull up on the ribbon, & the chocolate magically comes up---> no need to untie the mummy!
You might have noticed, I added a small velcro dot to keep the card closed.

Sooo, are you ready to unwrap the mysteries of our mummy guy???
Here's the tute!

Here's what you'll need:
white cardstock
gauze (cut into strips)
 I wrapped a piece of white cardstock 2 1/2" x 5 3/4" with strips of gauze. (I inked those to age Mr. Mummy a bit.)

Add adhesive to the edges of the back of the cardstock. Start wrapping the strips around the paper, overlapping a bit, & securing the ends to the back edges. Keep wrapping in a random fashion.

 Here's mine completed.

Now add googly eyes by adding glue dots to the back & tucking them in between the bandages.
 (Sorry, Mummy doesn't have cataracts, it's the glare from the lights.) Now simply adhere this panel to your card front and...

Tah Daaaah! you have a mummy in minutes!

 If you don't have gauze, you can use white cardstock strips, fabric strips, tissue paper---> lots of options :)

To make the pull option, simply make a slit at the top of the pocket, thread your ribbon/gauze through & push your candy bar into the pocket (the ribbon will wrap itself around the candy bar as it goes down). Then simply tie the ends at the top.

There are more friends to come... stay tuned!
Thanks for peeking!


  1. Karli, I LOVE this!! So cute! Love the idea of using real gauze instead of strips of paper to wrap the mummy. I think I'll need to CASE this idea! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. This is so cute, was thinking of sending my nieces a card for Halloween, we dont really celebrate Halloween here in Australia. I thought they might get a kick out of getting a card in the mail. Hmm might be a mummy card now looks like fun to make. Sandy :)

  3. Cataracts or not, your mummy is cute!

  4. I love your Mummy- love the eyes peeking out and the way you pull up the candy bar. How fun!


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