Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Bring on the Piñata!!!

Hi ya friends!
I'm aliiiiiiiive!!!
That was an extra long hiatus from the blog, but I was super busy with end of the year school stuff, but now it's FINALLY done! I am sooooo happy it's summer vacation (although it will be shorter since this year our district is starting a month earlier :(  I'm still a bit busy making plans for my oldest son's graduation festivities and some other things going on, but today I come to share some other festive news:
This girl has a birthday today!
Yes, Thirty muffled-cough-muffled-cough-cough years ago, on this day, a 12 pound girl was born. This is one of my fav pics from my 2nd birthday. As you can see, I started cutting into the cake before my mom was ready for me to and so my mom yelled,"Karli!" and I said "whaaaat???"  When people look at my baby pics, they say I haven't changed much- maybe it's the double chin, chubby cheeks, or the huge cake in front of me, or maybe me being just a little mischievous ;)

So what are my plans today? Well, I've dropped several hints that I want to go to Medieval Times. I told the boys & made sure hubby "overheard" me when I was talking to a "friend" on the phone about how I reeeeally wanted to go to Medieval Times since I've never been there before. But, we'll see where they take me...

So what are my crafty plans? Well, I do have some teacher gifts, grad gifts, & dad gifts I'm working on. So I'll be sharing those soon.

Well friends, thanks so much for peeking & go have some cake & ice cream on me today!


  1. Happy Birthday, Karli! Wishing you lots of cake, presents, and crafting!!

  2. Happy Birthday sweet friend! Hope your day is as fabulous as you are and that you get to Medieval Times! Such a cute baby pic, too!

  3. Hi my dear friend,

    happy, happy Birthday to you! I hope your men are taking you, where you wish to go and that you have a great time.

    If I had your adress, I would have even sent you a real card. ;-)

    Big, big birthday hugs

  4. Happy Birthday! I hope you've had a wonderful day today!

  5. Happy, happy birthday!!! Sorry I'm a day late :( I hope you had a wonderfully fabulous day.

    So, did the men in your family take the hint?!?!?

    12 pounds--wow, that's a lot of Karli! I was nine pounds and my mother has always said I looked like a boxer.

  6. Happy Birthday Karli! Wishing you a year filled with laughter, fun, crafting time, and all the things your heart desires. So glad you are in the world!

  7. Happy Birthday to you! Hope you had a wonderful day- and got to visit Midieval times- I want to go there too.....!


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