Thursday, June 10, 2010

Cinema Saturday Challenge- Alice in Wonderland

Hellooooooo friends!
I'm back to share my project for this week's Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge for the film:
The challenge requirement is to create something out of the box. Just my kind of challenge!

First, let me say that no, I have not seen the new Alice. Why? well, because The Queen of Hearts (the uber fab Helena Bonham Carter) looks frightening! :{ ---> too much like a clown :( Yuck! I don't like clowns! and my boyfriend Johnny, (emphasis on the --->MY<---) yes, MY boyfriend Johnny, doesn't look his swooniness either. That Tim Burton is such a hater. I mean, have you noticed how he has to make MY Johhny look bad in all of his films? Edward Scissorhands... check. Sweeney Todd... check. This movie... super check! See a pattern here??? Well, I can't say I blame Tim Burton. I mean look at him:

now look at MY Johnny:
Oh swooon! I think it's case closed ;) Hee! Hee!
OK, sorry. But when MY Johnny is involved, I kinda lose my head a bit!

Anyhoo, here's my project:
It's a teacup for the Tea Party! It is 2 separate pieces: the cup & saucer.
I used the colors of the Queen of Heart's dress (which is so choice! The one thing I did like from the new Alice) --- red, black, & gold. I stamped hearts to embellish & added some heart punches popped with dimensionals. I used a gold Krylon marker around the edges.
Here are a couple more peeks:
a little closer peek at the deets of the tea cup.

Inside the tea cup. Oopsie! I drank all the tea. ;) I inked inside the cup for shading.

I won't lie & tell you it was easy-peasy to make, but it wasn't super hard either. I really like the way it came out so it was worth the effort. It is pretty much true to size as well. It would make a great decoration or invitation for a tea party of your own. I bought this template from Waltzing Mouse Stamps in case you're interested.

Thanks so much for peeking today! Tomorrow is my last day of school- YAAAAAAY! I'm sooooo ready for summer vacation!
Gotta Go!


  1. Love it!! Alice in Wonderland just happens to be my all time favorite movie (the original animated Disney version that is) I did run out and buy this on as soon as it was released (cuz I'm an Alice collector) but I still haven't watched it.
    While I'm openly sharing move loves, Pirates of the Carribean (1,2 or 3) are my favorite Johhny movies.

  2. u have to WIN!!!!
    Simply because I adore cup & tea!!!

    Please I do need that ptron PLEASEEEEEE

    True... u the winner in my eye!!!
    It is great!!!!

  3. o I forgot I made the bag holder for the tea.. so we have to come together:)))

    o BTW Sankari will love the JD pic. And Brook will love the cup & tea:))

    I'm swooning over Johnny too!!!

  5. Super cool tea cup Karli and I agree Johnny did look a bit creepy in that movie. :)

  6. Wow--love the tea cup! The gold rimming and tea stain shading are such great detail.

  7. Oh such a pretty little tea cup! And thanks for giving the info on the template, because this was indeed a question :-) ~Ira

  8. This is beautiful. Love the detail on the cup, especially the gold rim. I didn't see the movie, the whole thing looked a bit creepy to me, LOL! Lots of people loved it though.

  9. Gorgeous... and so's the cup and saucer!! SO what's not to love about Johnny?

  10. WOW!! What a great project!!! I have to say that I feel the same way about Johnny Depp (in being "MY" Johnny!! :))) LOL!) But somehow - however Tim Burton dresses him up - he always looks incredibly hot! I told my DH that I think its slightly crazy that I thought the Mad Hatter was kinda HOT!!!! LOL! - He just gave me look like..."now, who did I marry again!" Your project is sooo creative and simply FANTASTIC!!!!
    You simply ROCK Karli!
    Big hugs,
    Sankari :)

  11. Superb!

    PJ(Jessie Adams)

  12. I read in my tea leaves that Johnny loves Karli LOL!

    What a fun project


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