Sunday, May 3, 2009

Organization: SU! Stamps

Hi friends,
Today I want to share with you how I organize my SU! stamps-not physically, but by images so I know what I have. I created this folder for two main reasons: 1) to know what I have 2) to quickly be able to check on a stamp set I wanted to use when creating a project. I have a lot of SU! stamps (as I'm sure you do too) so I wanted to be able to have my own "Karli catalog" of the stamps I had without having to pull any out or look through all of the boxes. It's been a great tool for me because now I just look through the "Karli catalog" to find a stamp set I'd like to use on my project.
( Tip: this is simp
ly a Report Cover Folder with sheet protectors inside. I made a cute little cover for the front- that's all. Nothing complicated or expensive :)

Ok, on to the deets...

At first, I took my stamps, put them face down on my scanner bed & copied them.

Then I got smarter... (or lazier) you decide. Instead of taking them out, I left them in the storage box and copied them while in the box. (see below)

Then I got even smarter...or lazier (again you decide). Before mounting them on to the wood blocks, I made a copy of the sticker image sheet. see below (You would have probably skipped the previous steps, but the old brain takes a while to click on!)

All was well, until a problem blew into town. SU! created image sheets that were not actual size of the stamp image. Like in this set:
Soft Summer (see the corner image)

I like having actual image size & it serves a purpose for me, (I'll share that another day) My beautiful plan had a snafoo!!! What to do, what to do... well. I simply cut it out of the catalog & added it to my folder. And peace was brought back to my universe!

If you want to make something like this yourself, you can cut the images out of the catalog (on line or printed) or be inspired by anything I did.
I hope this helps! I'm off to get ready for school-gotta go!


  1. I started doing this recently too. Its a great way to have a look at what I have before starting a project. I quickly learnt to photocopy the stickers before putting them on the stamps too.

  2. Great idea!
    You can also stmap an actual image with the stamp (for the ones with the smaller stickers)


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