Saturday, February 19, 2011

Takin' Notes

Hi ya friends,
As you probably know, I teach Spanish to mostly High School Freshman. I'm really enjoying the change & on most days, it's very entertaining! Lots of comedic personalities! Well, I have a student who L-O-V-E-S to draw. Instead of taking notes in my class---> he's drawing. (How dare he not hang on my every word, right?!)
      Well, one day I confiscated his sketch book & started looking through it & I was blown away! His illustrations were quite frightening, but the detail was incredible. I asked him if he was in art classes & he said he really hadn't done much formal study. I told him how I work with people's stamps & digi images & he seemed genuinely interested. I said, "I'll tell you what, if you take notes during Note-taking time, I'll create a card with an image you create & you could give it to your girlfriend. That will score you some points with her- trust me ;)" So he accepted my offer & on the spot, in a matter of seconds, he drew a picture. He was pretty excited & handed me his illustration & then I said, "Oh wait, you need to sign it. Artists sign their work." so he was happy to do so.

Here's the card I made with his image:
I used one part of it (the bunny on the cliff) because the other part was a little frightening- LOL!
The bunny is looking up at a moon that resembles a mix between Mr. Burns of the Simpsons & Freddy Krueger! LOL!
I colored it with Copics & added flower soft for the grass.

I gave it to him & he was excited (which made me feel like a million buck$!) Of course, the other kids around wanted to look at it & suggested I sell my cards to Hallmark! Hee! Hee!

A few days later, I asked him if he had given it to his girlfriend and he said, "No way! I'm keeping it!"
Awww, make that 2 million bucks!

Just thought I'd share a little of how, as a teacher, I'm helping to create the future artists & graphic designers of the future :)
And is he taking notes during Note-taking time???
---> You betcha!


  1. Aww, that is the cutest story! I can tell you are a great teacher Karli! You really talk about the students with such fondness! I hope all my kids are lucky enough to have teachers like you come into their lives! The card is just adorable, love the touches of flower soft, looks great. So funny that he kept it instead of giving it to his gf!

  2. I LOVE teachers like you! If you felt like 2 million bucks, do you realize what you did for him? PRICELESS- he will never forget you; when he is some famous artist, he will say, "man, if that Spanish teacher hadn't snagged my sketch book..."
    YOU ROCK Sr. Miranda! Felicitaciones

  3. What a sweet story.
    He could for sure sell his images to stamping and digital stamping companies, or make his own business.
    I would love to see the "frightening" ones. I bet I would love them.

  4. That is super cool- you will have to keep an eye on him and his sketch book- this is amazing! I love the great colors and the flower soft. The laout and bow and heart are super cool! When my twins started taking Spanish, they would chat and we had no idea what they were saying...LOL Probably talking about us in front of us......

  5. What a great story. I have a Co-worker that has a huge drawing-talent too. Whatever she draws is just amazing. And she is doing it in no time. It always makes me sad, seeing such a waste of talent.
    I hope this guy is making something out of it.


  6. What a great story and the card is adorable!! That is too funny he didn't give it to the girlfriend wonder what she got haha!! That little bunny would be cute for Easter also.

  7. Great story Karli! And clever way to bargain with him to pay attention and take notes ;).

  8. that is awesome!!! i love to hear teacher stories like that! thank you for sharing that!

  9. Karli, what an awesome story. You have given your student the inspiration to do better in class and to realize his artistic talent. How wonderful is that! Perhaps you have the beginnings of a future collaboration on digi images.

    p.s. I wouldn't have given that fab card away either :)

  10. And is he taking notes during Note-taking time???
    ---> You betcha!
    Well, that's a surprise! Good job!

  11. That's some pretty incredible talent! As a former teacher, I can appreciate the extra effort you put forward to reach a kid who might otherwise slip through the cracks. Good job!

    (And I totally thought you were going to say there was a gun at the bunny's back, BTW ... ) :)

  12. what a great story Karli. I love what you did with his image.

  13. Wow he is pretty talented as are you....That is so cute that he kept the card. I also think it is very special that you are taking the time to let him do some art if he just pays attention in note taking.TFS

  14. Wow, you are one fabulous teacher and a great card it...great job by you!!!!

  15. Karli, what a wonderful story! People don't realize how teachers can really affect their students' lives. He may now have a career in digi-images and it's all because of you! This card is fabulous and his image is adorable!! What a talented guy!!! And YOU, of course, are one talented teacher! ;)


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