Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Cinderella Christmas

Hello friends,
Hope you had a great holiday :) My boys took off for the bay area for a few days so I was left home all by my little lonesome... HOOOOOORAY! I love my boys, but it's so awesome to have some "just me" time! Wake up when I want, clean up & IT STAYS CLEAN!, don't have to cook, & get into just a little bit of mischief ;) Ahhhhh...
So here are the last of my Christmas cards for this year. I made them at the last minute- shocker, I know! ;)
This was an ornament card- really simple
 And easiest of all was this one:

Just embossed the base card & wrapped a ribbon around it. Could not be easier :)

Thanks so much for peeking today! My boys are on their way back which means I hear the clock strike midnight at the ball... I've had on my own for the past few days :) Tee! Hee!
Gotta Go!


  1. Karli, darling! I am so happy you got some alone time - I totally understand you, sometimes even few hours on your own can make a huge difference :) You go, girl be mischivious!!!

  2. Having the house to myself sounds like a dream. Where is my fairy godmother?
    Looks like you had an enjoyable time alone. Beautiful cards

  3. Glad you had some 'Karli' time.

    The ornament card with pearls is a stunner!

  4. These all turned out beautifully. I love the big bows on them and the accents with pearls is great


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