Sunday, October 3, 2010

Cinema Saturday Challenge- Nightmare on Elm Street

Hi there friends,
Today, I have a card I created for this week's challenge at Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge. This week the cinema sisters put out a special challenge in honor of World Card Making Day. Here it is:
whaaaaaaat??? ANY movie we want- OOOOh, I've been waiting for this challenge!!! So the movie I chose is one I KNOW Brooke & Sankari would probably never choose:
Horror is my fav movie genre & this is one of my fav horror movies of all time. (The original with Robert Englund.) This movie scared the pants off me as a kiddo & led to many, many, many sleepless nights! Hee! Hee! The idea of a boogeyman killing you in your dream & really dying- wow, what a brilliant concept :) and Freddy is the BEST (of the worst!) OMG, & remember that creepy song the kids sang... 1,2 Freddy's coming for you. 3,4 better lock your door. 5,6 grab your crucifix. 7,8 better stay up late. 9,10 ... you know the rest right??? How scary!!!
And let's not forget that this was my boyfriend, Johnny's, first major film. Here he is:
swoon :)
Anyhoo, here's my card:
 and here's the innies:
 OMGosh, I cannot tell you how much FUN I had making this card!!! I know you're probably thinking I am one sick ticket, but this was all in good fun! And after all, isn't that what this hobby is all about??? No, not having a twisted mind---> having FUN!!!

The Deets:
The Cover: I tore the black layer of cardstock so that it looked like Freddy has slashed through it with his 4 knives. Peeking underneath the slashes is his red & green striped sweater. Then I splattered it with blood drops (Martha Stewart stickers). I used my fav drippy goo punch (MS) for the blood dripping from the top edge. I wrote the sentiment "Dream a little Dream... of Me!!!" with straight lines so that it would like like Freddy could have written it with his knives :) and isn't that the perfect sentiment???
The Innies: I added more drippy blood from the top & one more blood splatter & added a pic of Freddy himself.

I hope the Cinema Sisters don't regret putting this challenge out now! LOL ;) but I'm really glad I got to play along this week. Cinema Saturday is one of my fav challenge blogs & I haven't been able to play for a while due to the craziness that has been my life lately :(

Thanks for so bravely peeking at my card today!
Night, night. Sleep tight ;)


  1. Wow, what a great way to deal with that challenge.
    You are really creativ.
    Great Card.

    Have a wonderful week.

  2. This is such a cool Halloween card! Love the colors!

  3. Perfect card for this movie challenge!!! I like the rips in the front exactly like freddy

  4. Eeeeewwww!!! How morbid!!! this totally cracked me it!!

  5. Awesome 'horror' card! Thanks for the memory--it's been many, many years since I last saw that movie.

  6. OK that movie totally freaked me out as a kid. I prefer not to watch scary movies, my imagination already gives me nightmares without the help of a movie.
    But you totally rocked this card!
    BTW I completely forgot that Johnny was even in that movie, Captain Jack is still mt fav. Johnny character (drool)


  7. Karli, you are AWESOME! This is one totally cool card I've seen! Oh my - you are so clever!!!
    And Johnny was so HOT even then. Just look at those beautiful big brown eyes... awww...Have you seen "Cry Baby"? with him - he's soooo darn hot :)
    Hugs to you!!!! And one extra hug for loving Johnny just as much as I do :)

  8. OMG Karli!!! I love it! This was one of the first scary movies I saw, and loved it! Your card is perfect!!

  9. I do not like scary movies- I get bad dreams....LOL This card is perfect! Your gooey punch and the rips in the front are perfect! TFS

  10. I just showed this to my hubby- he thinks tis is very cool!

  11. OK< Karli! You are over the edge!! But, you went over beautifully! Awesome card! Blessings to you!

  12. Yikes Karli! What ever you do, don't mail this to me, LOL! I think I won't sleep tonight just from seeing your card, you are brilliant as usual! Great way to represent that movie!

  13. ooh fabby it! Ya gotta make it fun right? Right!

  14. Make sure your check under the bed tonight! I just found out that they are releasing Scream 4 in April 2011! I'm totally psyched, I'm re-watching the trilogy right afraid, be very afraid! Love your card!

  15. Congrats on your WCMD win at Cinema Saturday! What a COOL card! I'd never would have done something like have ACED it!

  16. WOW!! He's soooo coool!!!
    It's also one of my fav genres. Unfortunately couln't play along because of lack of time. Think I would've done something similar, lol.


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