Friday, January 15, 2010

Cricut Tip

Howdy Friends!
Today I'm sharing a Cricut cutting tip with ya. If you're a newbie Cricuteer, you have to know that you'll probably have to test your cuts. I know, what a bummer, but it's better that you know the truth from the start. If you're a seasoned Cricuteer, you already know you need to test your intended cut because 3 inches looks different cart to cart. Well, this can be a big problem as it can create a waste of cardstock. My tip is simply this: I use regular copy paper. As a matter of fact, I use my printer rejects. You know the ones where AFTER I've printed, I realized I messed up somewhere. So instead of putting it in the round file (trash can), I use it to test cuts on my Cricut. I use a very loved mat- one that won't hold down cardstock, but has a little life left in it.
Here's my current loved mat:

Make sure to press down the edges of the paper. 
Cut settings: Speed: High (for non-intricate cuts) Pressure: Med
This is what has worked for me. You may want to try out whether Medium or High speed works better with your mat. For intricate cuts, I cut at Med.

Here's the result:

I can decide if this will work or if I need to resize. I don't throw out my test cuts either. I take them to school & give them to my kiddos. They love to color them & do whatever with them at home. The test cuts are special treats in my room! (Hee! Hee!) Ultimate trash to treasure!

When the mat is truly RIP, I don't throw it out either. I take it to my classroom & use it as a splash mat & for art projects. It's a sturdy little thing & it can take a beating. We clean them with a little soap & water.

I hope these simple little tips will help you save your cardstock & money. Kermit was way off. It IS easy being green! (recycling, at least :)

I'm so excited that I'll be spending this weekend at the Scrapbook Expo & next weekend at CHA! YAAAAAAAAAY!!! I'm loving 2010 already! I'll *try* to be good ;)
Gotta Go!


  1. Such great tips Karli, I love my cricut. I also use outdated 12x12 dp that I have no use for as my test paper. I made plenty of mistakes in the me :)

  2. I dont have a Cricut but now I know where to come if 2010 has me take the plunge and get one!

  3. Great idea, thanks for the tip! I can't remember which ones, but there are at least one or two adhesives that will give life back into your mat. Try googling it, I have read about it on several blogs.

  4. Oh Karli,,,,CHA??? I'm Greeeeeeeen with envy. You gotta give us a blow by blow on your posts so we can enjoy it with you. Just got my Cricut Expression on Black Friday at 5am....last one on the shelf... Love it.....and I really appreciate the invaluable tip...Why is it that when you use the last little scrap of one color that you always is the wrong size, doesn't stick....etc.. Cricut's Law, I guess!!

  5. Karli, good tips. My DH gave me cricut for christmas, so I'm learning more and more about it. Yes, I have also learned that you have to test it before the final cuts.
    You're so lucky to go to CHA, and I'm thrilled fo you. Please give us a report afterwards :)

    P.S. While I was here I just had to check our the previous post about Johnny - he is SUPER HOT! And the fact that he's down to earth makes him even more super hot :)

  6. I am brand new to the Cricut- so I am happy for any and all tips- thank You- I will give this a go.......

  7. That is a terrific tip, thanks for sharing it with us and the pictures!
    Glitterbee hugs!


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